It was founded in 1988 and now owns two cruise ships Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity. Crystal is a subsidiary of one of the largest companies in the world by sea freight – Nippon Yusen Kaisha (NYK), located in Tokyo, and operates with a fleet of more than 800 vessels. More »

Different travelers feel that it is not any danger, when it comes to cruising. It seems that this is not so bad, and much more magnificent than the flight by plane or car. More »

Your boat is one of the most expensive assets. Insured or not, it will cause you is not very pleasant if it is stolen. More »

Travels in India today is known for its historical monuments, artificial amusement parks, game areas, and other delightful and unusual attractions. More »

Kashmir tour operators can arrange these tours impeccably.As Once you have selected the best tour operator or travel agency, and all your worries are gone. More »


30 Questions and Answers about the cruises (Part 1)

1. Pitching

We booked a cruise, and now doubt, and that if the ship will be much rock?- Our ships are classified as modern cruise ships are equipped with the most advanced technologies designed to keep the ship in a stable position even in the storm.

These devices include special screws installed across the keel. When tilting the vessel screws begin to spin, returning a ship in flat position. Our customers tell us that the six-point storm (and a wave height of three stories, house), wine by the glass is not swayed, and went to the theater presentation juggling knives! We guarantee that the probability of rolling on our vessels is extremely small.

The cruise line Crystal Cruises named best by readers

In the annual reader survey of the American magazine Travel + Leisure has once again won the cruise line Crystal Cruises. She received 91 points out of 100, and took first place. The second and the third place Regent Seven Seas Cruises (89 points) and the Disney Cruise Line (83). Coming up with a short break followed by Oceania Cruises, Cunard Line, Celebrity Cruises, Holland America Line, Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean International and Norwegian Cruise Line.

Cruise the Western Mediterranean

Cruise the Western Mediterranean – is primarily a unique sense of time travel in one trip when you got an amazing opportunity to see the front of the past era. The region combines a visit to the monuments of ancient times, the Middle Ages and the masterpieces of outstanding works of our time. Each day of the cruise brings something different, and the city and the country will open in a new light, even to those travelers who have been there before.

Options voyage

Travel around the world trip by boats and yachts were given not only to the elite. Now, such entertainment is available, and the middle class, rather than save money throughout the year and in the summer to go to the Crimean coast, you can sail a cruise ship in the Mediterranean Sea, or on an individual route in a rented yacht. Although the crisis prevented many plans were carried out, an example of people who have tried a new form of recreation, said that in the near future fans of the series will replenish a fashionable pastime.

The role of sea cruises in your life

Whatever land creatures we ourselves nor the number of the ships is still one part of our lives, as in the harbor. Perhaps one day all overland tourists turn to cruise passengers, because in the world there is nothing more beautiful than a cruise. People do not go on a cruise for one reason only: because he never tried to do that. But once tasted can no longer refuse to romance of the seas and oceans.