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His discovery of the Bahamas must Genoese Cristobal Colon (Christopher Columbus). It was October 12, 1492, he landed on an unknown island he called San Salvador. However, some scientists believe otherwise, suggesting that Columbus landed on San Salvador is not, and not far from his island of Samana.

Eleven years later studied Spanish archipelago of Ponce de Leon. The results of these studies was the fact that Aborigines – Arawak Indians – were taken by the Spaniards from the islands for mining operations. Thus, since the discovery of the Bahamas were empty, then there had been deserted for nearly 135 years.

In the seventeenth century on two islands, landed the first Englishmen who brought with them black slaves to use them on the cotton plantations. Of course, the Spaniards often attacked as “lakomny piece.” And plagued by pirates, who, in addition to the raids, used some of the nearly uninhabited islands as their base.

In subsequent years, the Bahamas passed from hand to hand. So, from 1670 until 1717, and submitted to the governors of the island British colony Carolina. When the American Revolution occurred in 1776, the city of Nassau – the capital – was captured by U.S. troops. By 1783 the Bahamas once again took possession of the Spaniards. But by 1787 the archipelago has established itself as a British colony.

By the thirties of the nineteenth century the population of the islands is not only not increased, but decreased dramatically because of the recession that occurred in connection with the abolition of slavery. In addition, the central part of the archipelago was hit by cholera.

Yet there were periods in the history of the island, which can be called even favorable. Thus, in the Bahamas 1861-1865 years served as a base for the American confederation. Recall that these were the years of civil war in the United States between the north and south. And during the “dry law” had been a stronghold of the Bahamas smuggling rum.

At the time of the Second World War, the Bahamas were used as a naval base for the Americans. And in these days in the Bahamas have U.S. bases. Incidentally, in the same years, the governor of the Bahamas was none other than the Duke of Windsor. This post he received after being married to an American for what he had to abandon the title and the throne.

Since 1964, The Bahamas received internal self-government. And in 1967, when black Bahamians have received the most votes in the government, the archipelago gained independence.
Political Structure
Commonwealth of the Bahamas – an independent state within the British Commonwealth. Nominal head of state is the Queen of Great Britain, represented by Governor-General. Legislature is a bicameral parliament consisting of a Senate and House of Assembly. The executive power is vested in the government headed by Prime Minister who is appointed by the leader of the party which won a majority in parliamentary elections.

The climate of the Bahamas
Tropical and subtropical trade wind, with a rainy period from May to October, although a pronounced rainy season there. The west coast is washed by the warm Gulf Stream Islands, south-east equatorial constantly blowing a soft breeze. Therefore, the winter temperature is usually up to +15 C, and in summer it is not above 32 C. The temperature of the crystal clear sea are usually 27 C in summer and about 23 C in winter. Constantly blowing trade winds make the climate on the islands of smooth and soft all year long. The most cool season is from September to May when the temperature drops to +18-22 C.

Time zone

Behind from Kiev to 7:00.

Bahamian dollar is equal to 100 cents. It is equal to the value of the U.S. dollar. U.S. coins and banknotes are freely circulated in the Bahamas. International credit cards are accepted everywhere. In Nassau, Freeport, on many islands, banks are open from 9.30 am to 15.00 pm from Monday to Thursday. On Fridays, banks are open from 9.30 am to 17.00. Hours can vary from island to island. Depending on the hotel maid tip $ 1-2 per day, $ 1-2 porters, taxis, restaurants, etc. – 15% of the total bill. In some institutions, the cost of maintenance is included in the bill.

Bahamas Attractions
One of the richest countries in the region, a symbol of luxury, prestige and success. This is the “Caribbean Switzerland”, a major offshore center (400 banks), on New Providence (main island), bustling day and night – luxury shopping duty free, a straw market with an abundance of souvenirs, and in the evening open their doors at night the numerous restaurants, bars, cabarets and Casino.
The main thing that everybody likes, without exception, the tourists – the beauty of a luxurious nature (Fr. Grand Bahama), submarine hunting and fishing (the island of Andros, Berry, Bimini), diving on coral reefs (Abakos Island, Eleuthera), yachting (Ekzumas Island, Long Island), or observation of a unique pink flamingos (o.Inagua), exotic iguanas, the ability to swim with dolphins, feed sharks and enjoy the atmosphere of the Caribbean Carnival.
Nassau – Underwater Aquarium, the government seat, garden Adastra Gardens and Park Retreat Gardens, Water Tower, the Bay Street shopping street, the famous Cable Beach – an area of ??luxury hotels, casinos and beautiful beaches.
Preserved and the castle, erected in the XVIII century, and the world famous Royal staircase of 66 steps leads up high, with a magnificent view over the bay and the city. The city center is the area of ??the Parliament. At the beginning of the XIX century were built the Houses of Parliament, the colonial administration, the Supreme Court, surrounding a marble statue of Queen Victoria. Not far from the center of town is Fort Charlotte, built in 1788 and the Atlantis hotel complex with 14 acres of gardens and a five man-made lagoons (one of the largest aquariums in the open air), as well as a maze that simulates the ruins of Atlantis, a copy of the Mayan pyramids with water slides and a transparent underwater tunnel.
To the east of Nassau, is the island “Paradise”, coupled with the capital of a long bridge, with world-class resorts, casinos and nightlife.
City of Freeport on about. Grand Bahama – a paradise for those who enjoy outdoor activities, golf, tennis, scuba diving and fishing.
One should visit the international market in Freeport, the small towns of the west coast, where pirates once hid underground producers and Roma, the monuments of ancient Indian culture Arawaks, a huge underwater caves and beautiful beaches of the east coast of the island, a garden, Garden-of-the-Groves, park Rand Memorial Reserve and the cave Preacher.
Coral Island – the world’s largest artificially created reef with underwater observatory.
What is really interesting in the Bahamas, so this local handicrafts made of straw and shells, batik, and inexpensive, but high-quality local alcoholic drinks.
The Bahamas is prohibited spearfishing with underwater guns and other devices. Permission is granted to sport fishing for a way out to sea to pay U.S. $ 20 or $ 150 for the entire year, provided that your board is installed not more than six reels and line.

Bahamas visa regime
For entry into the country must have a passport and visa. The term of the visa – 30 days. An interview is required. For registration you need: 2 3×4 photos, 2 of the form, a letter from employer stating salary. Cost – $ 70. Because of its embassy in Commonwealth of Bahamas in Ukraine do not have to represent the interests of the Bahamas and to issue visas to the British Embassy. When departing from the Bahamas at the airport are charged a fee of $ 15, children under 6 years of tax exempt.

The procedure of border crossing
Exchange controls and restrictions on the movement of funds into and out of the country does not. From foreign tourists do not need a written customs declaration. Government’s decision Bahamas abolished all import duties on perfumes, leather goods, jewelry, watches, photographic equipment, china and so on. Therefore, the price of those goods is lower than in the U.S. by 25-50%. The transit of narcotics and explosives, items of historical and cultural value and the weapon without a permit.

The Commonwealth of The Bahamas is an archipelago, with about 700 islands, of which only 30 are inhabited, and situated in the Atlantic Ocean at a distance of about 90 km. to the east of Florida. It is the northernmost island of the Caribbean. The largest islands are Abakos, Aklinz, Andros, Berry Islands, Biminis Islands, Kate, Eleuterio, Ekzumas, Grand Bahama, Inagua, Long Island, Mayyaguana, Nassau, Paradise Island and San Salvador. An area of ??about 13.9 thousand square meters. miles.


Official language – English, spoken by almost 100% of the population.


Freedom of religion, the majority of the population belongs to the Christian church.



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