Facilities on board the cruise liner

1.Beregovye tour

Sightseeing in the ports of call are not included in the cruise price and is payable in addition. To order individual or group tours with a guide, you need full payment in advance of the cruise. On board ship orders are accepted to participate in group tours conducted in English.

On the day of landing you in the cabin is a special form, the order for shore excursions, if desired, it must complete and pass a special rack “Shore excursion”, where you can get information on proposed excursions in ports of call and purchase tickets. Tourists who did not want to participate in excursions, can independently manage the time in port.

On board the ships of the company can meet people from all over the world. That is why the staff of various services, including guest service, waiters in restaurants and bars, the staff of a beauty salon and children’s club is usually said in English.

BUT: the “Russian groups,” many companies in the group sends the dates are Russian-speaking representative on board the ship, what would you feel comfortable. Daily newspaper with a program of the day, which is published on the liner, and telling about all the activities on board, comes in English. During our group visits we provide Day Program in RUSSIAN!

Two. Medical Services.

Each ship has on board a qualified doctor and nurses who work around the clock in case of emergency. Medical services provided on board are extra.

Some people are very responsive, even on the slightest hesitation the ship can take advantage of special pills.

3.Uslugi laundry and dry cleaning.

Our liners are equipped with excellent facilities and dry cleaning. You only need to fill out the order form to 9.00 am (it is in your cabin), and together with his belongings in a plastic bag to give steward. Your order will be executed on the same day 50% surcharge for express or next day. Prices and a plastic bag for things are in the drawer of your cabin). You can also pat yourself or wash their belongings. Laundry (Laundromat) is on deck.

4.Magaziny free trade.

On board are duty-free shops, where products are widely represented internationally known companies, souvenirs with symbols of the cruise companies, tobacco, alcoholic beverages, clothing, perfumes and cosmetics, jewelry, medicines. Shops are open only to the board during the vessel in accordance with international customs regulations.

Five. International telephone, facsimile, telex, Internet

While the vessel is possible to take advantage of the international telephone service (the cabin), facsimile or telex (with the ship’s radio station). Also on the ship have Internet – cafe. During the vessel’s stay in port, you can use local communication systems. The cost of international phone call from aboard ship an average of $ 15 for 1 minute.

6. Sauna, massage center, beauty salon.

On board ship there is a sauna, massage center and beauty salon. Services are provided free of charge. If you want to use these services, we recommend advance appointment.

7. Services to the cabin.

The cabin for your convenience, there are soft drinks, which are paid separately. You can contact the guest service at any time, day or night and order the extra pillow, blanket, snacks in the cabin, and much, much more. Beverages (juice, coffee) and snacks are listed in the menu Room Service, served in the cabin free of charge.

Eight. Radio and television in the cabin.

All cabins on cruise ships are equipped with radio and television. Television satellite news channel consists of various countries, movies, music programs and an internal channel that tells about the program on board, ports of call, etc.

9. Restaurants and food.

In restaurants, on board the ships there are usually two shifts power. Typically, breakfast is: 6.30 / 8.30, dinner: 12.00 / 13.30, Dinner: 18.30 / 20.30. You can choose what you prefer, and inform the agent when booking and we will do our best to make things comfortable. Also stipulate in advance how many people preferred a table for you. In ships of Princess there a third option: Personal choice (own choice). It gives you the freedom to decide when, where and with whom you dine each night. On the Princess ships companies in addition to the core, there are themed restaurants, where you can enjoy the cuisine of Italy and the United States, paying only for the reservation table ($ 15-20 people), cafes, bars and pizzerias, a restaurant-buffet on the upper deck service 24 hours!

For passengers in need of dietary, there is always an assortment of dishes with low fat, cholesterol, sodium, sugar, as well as vegetarian and kosher.

All vessels are only used fresh picked products that are immersed in the nearest port.

Order food or drinks in the room is carried out on all the courts for an additional fee. The exception is the menu Room Service – Order some food and drinks (the list you will find in your cabin).

Also you can order to your room for free breakfast in your cabin is the form you must fill out and hang on the door handle from the outside. (Ibid., you can specify the time when you want it that would have brought him.)



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