10 myths about cruises

Unlike Westerners, in our country, people know little about the cruises, and many never having been on board the ocean liner to have this kind of rest the misconception. We have compiled the 10 most common misconceptions about cruising.

1. This is the most expensive type of vacation

Not at all! Cruise Market today is so great that the proposal can be found on any budget. And the day in quite a comfortable cabin, sometimes costing even less than in the corresponding class hotel on the shore, and the service, meals on board may be considerably higher level. Although, if you are used to choose the most expensive options, the prestigious multiroom stateroom with balcony, private deck overlooking the ocean or a suite with a Jacuzzi, personal attendants and other joys of life exclusive for you, too, of course, be found.

2. I do not want to spend the entire rest of the transport

The airliner – is not only a means of transportation, but also quite comfortable with a huge infrastructure, dozens of bars and restaurants with diverse cuisines, nightclubs, casinos, sports centers and swimming pools. On board you can watch the best show-peace program, start doing a new sport, whiten your teeth with the latest technology … To compare with the ship by bus, train or plane is meaningless.

3. Confined space – it is tedious

A week or two to be in an enclosed space for those who have never plied the sea on a cruise ship, it seems tedious. In fact, this holiday is much more interesting to stay at the hotel: the richness and variety of entertainment on board the ship far superior to the best of any hotel complex – a modern ship is better not even compare to the hotel, and with this city.

4. Around are the same people

To get away from the “submarine” – all the way to have to deal with the same uninteresting and boring people? Meanwhile, any beach hotel – it’s more closed world with a much smaller number of inhabitants. During the cruise will be created all the conditions that you meet with other passengers, found friends with the same interests. At the same time will not have problems with how to spend your time, and socially inactive people who prefer solitude.

5. What have time to see beyond the parking lot, except for the port?

Parking during the voyage may last 1-2 days. During this time, can not see much, in fact, usually arriving ship is already waiting for a few tour buses. The most active tourists, living in a hotel, fast enough to understand that traveled all the neighborhoods, and to see something else, they have each time to spend much time on the way there and back. In the cruise is simply impossible in each new port impressions of the tour, from the first meter of the path will be different. You can create an individual program, and: made a stop in major cities, but the sea ports, unlike airports, are often located not very far from the center.

6. The cruise is to go only once in a lifetime

In fact, cruises – a great way to see the world. Each year, designed itineraries, new ports of departure, improved service on the board. Life is hardly enough to visit all the most interesting directions.

7. I did not stand the sea rocking

Again, thinking so get your finger to the sky: modern airliners are huge, absolutely forget that you are not on solid ground. And for the most extreme case, for my own peace of mind, you can take one of many drugs against motion sickness. Although it is likely to be required.

8. I can not quickly taken to hospital

On any ship must have a medical service, consisting of qualified physicians who are willing to provide first aid. Of course, the most complex operations on board no one will do, as well as in a simple hospital. In most cases, unpleasant person will still have to take in a large clinic, and then the big difference, to deliver him out of difficult mountainous village or on board the ship, no. This can be done in exactly the same helicopter.

9. Cruises – Holidays for senior citizens

Several decades ago, the cruise company noted that the travel expanses of sea, indeed, goes more than the elderly. But this trend was reversed. Since then, the global cruise industry has become an entirely different, changed everything from the set of in-flight entertainment to the design of rooms. Now cruises are increasingly choosing, for example, the newlyweds.

10. Ukrainians do not like cruises

Indeed, many of us are not totally unjustified considering this type of travel as a viable alternative to relax at the resort. When the whole world learned to travel the oceans, to leave the Soviet Union was problematic, so the younger generation is not accustomed to a new kind of vacation, and old believes has made her “objective” view, recalling trips to the two-, three-deck ships. Another of the problems – the places on cruises sold out in advance, sometimes – for a year and a half. If you plan a vacation in our dislike of Ukrainians are often ahead of time on the cruise market, with a nodding analysis.

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