AZAMARA CRUISES – a new brand, a Deluxe in the cruise industry.
Exotic tours to Europe, South America, Asia and Around the World.

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Launching a new ship – it is always a memorable event for any cruise line, but Celebrity Cruises the publication of their newest ship Azamara Journey, designed for 710 guests, is doubly significant, because it was the first new cruise liner fleet of brand categories Deluxe – AZAMARA CRUISES .

The Navy established the company entered two liner: Azamara Journey, the first cruise which started May 5, 2007, and Azamara Quest, which will be presented to the public cruise in October 2007 after extensive renovation. The main objective of this cruise company to offer exotic itineraries and to enable its guests to visit the ports of less hackneyed and unique places that were not previously represented in the route of any cruise company.

“We created Azamara Cruises, especially for those passengers who have already visited on a standard cruise routes and would like to see something new: the ports and cities, which is not possible to visit the ships of other companies,” said Richard Fain, the head of Royal Caribbean Cruises Limited, for which the Azamara Cruises is a subsidiary company. “We define the category of the company, as the Deluxe”.

President Azamara Cruises, Den Henraen, part-time who is president of Celebrity Cruises said, “The new company is created for discerning lovers of cruises that would like to rest more, something special. Guests Azamara Cruises will be offered impeccable service, fine cuisine, unique and memorable custom tours shore excursions. ”

Forming the routes to exotic places in the Caribbean and Mediterranean Seas for Azamara Cruises – the project formerly known as the Celebrity Expeditions, Mr. Henraen announced that on board the ships of the new company, guests can not only visit the most unique ports and islands in America and Europe, but also to explore Asia, and even travel around the world. While the details of the new routes are not published, but can say with confidence that they will include visits to more than 200 ports in 70 countries.

Azamara Cruises guests will not only enjoy the unique culture and history of cities, they also will be offered exceptional service aboard the aircraft. Ratio of the number of guests and staff of 2 to 1. Butler service in each stateroom and suite, as well as fresh flowers, a basket of fresh fruit, Elemis beauty products for the bathroom, bathrobes brand Frette, two pairs of comfortable slippers, flat-panel plasma TV, and incredibly comfortable orthopedic beds.

On board each aircraft, there are two alternative restaurants:

Aqualina, the menu is presented Mediterranean cuisine, and

Prime C, which specializes in seafood and steaks.

Guests booking a suite will be able to double, and those who live in cabins once, to visit any of them for free.

To visit the main restaurant is no longer required to comply strictly with code and address of the dinner will not be split into two shifts, everyone can eat at any convenient time for him.

The menu has an extensive wine bars as selected wines and champagne. For guests, various tastings and classes.

Particular attention is paid to the preparation of the menu of services and programs offered in salons spa. Guests staying in suites can order some of the procedures to his room. On board each aircraft has a room for relaxation, study acupuncture sessions are also offered laser hair removal and chemical peels skin.

An expert geographer, not only help you choose the tour according to your interests, but also give full information about each port of call, its history and culture.

Subtle nature can take part in auctions and purchase works of art on board, as well as unique jewelry.

Before Azamara Journey went on their first cruise May 5, 2007, he was global, 4-week renovation, costing U.S. $ 19 million, which resulted in 48 cabins were rebuilt in the 32 suites, all have changed the main restaurant, there were two new, alternative restaurants, the area has been maximized salon spa, added Sunset Bar and Italian coffee Cova Caf?.

The name of the company Azamara Cruises consists of two parts and transferred to the Romance language as follows: «AZA» – blue and «MAR» – the sea, and the word «ACAMAR» in ancient times was called the brightest star in the sky over the Mediterranean, and now it can be seen from the shores of Greece. Mr. Henrean described a new cruise brand as “a bright star on a blue sea.”

Azamara Cruises guests explore the hidden corners of the world unique and make an incredible discovery in each cruise. But to return on board one of our ships a Deluxe enjoy impeccable service and luxury.

In 2007 the attention of the public will be offered to cruise itineraries for the Panama Canal, Bermuda and South America, and in 2008 on our ships off to conquer Southeast Asia, the Caribbean and South America. And in 2010 you will find a magical journey around the world.



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