Holding Cruise Royal Caribbean International

Holding Cruise Royal Caribbean International, which consists of three cruise company Royal Caribbean 5 *, Celebrity Cruises 5 *, and Azamara Club Cruises 6 *. Royal Caribbean cruise line 5 * is the most innovative and the second largest cruise company in the world. Ultra-modern fleet of Royal Caribbean includes 22 ships, including two of the largest liner in the world! Wind Rose Travel Company is the general partner of Celebrity Cruises in the Ukraine. Cruise line Celebrity Cruises 5 *, which consists of 11 aircraft, fully compliant with the cruise vacation Premium at affordable prices. The company’s fleet Azamara Club Cruises 6 * is represented by two modern airliners, offering cruises Deluxe class on exclusive routes.

Since its founding in 1989, cruise company Celebrity Cruises, fully complies with the requirements of a cruise vacation Premium at affordable prices. Celebrity Cruises offers a classic, elegant cruising holidays for all tastes. The company is constantly improving ships and itineraries based on the changing needs of discerning travelers. Celebrity Cruises is one of the best cruise companies in the world of cruises in the Premium segment.

At this point in the company’s fleet consists of 10 modern ships of advanced technology. Liners are part of different classes, such as the Solstice, Millenium, Century, as well as a unique research yacht Celebrity Xpedition.

A distinctive feature of the cruise company Celebrity Cruises, is to provide guests with quality service. The highest level of service on the board, which reached the cruise company to date, is the hallmark of Celebrity Cruises, and sets the level of world standards for quality cruise vacation.

Embark on a voyage of your dreams with Celebrity Cruises. In every moment of the cruise will take place under the sign of impeccable service and refined elegance. On board any of the ten luxury liners of Celebrity You will feel “crowned” ocoboy! The crew of Celebrity Cruises will give you special attention and make every moment spent on board the aircraft, an unforgettable experience. In addition, you will be pleasantly surprised: excellent cuisine, luxurious interior AquaSPA from Elemis, as well as constantly updated software entertainment, shopping and other entertainment.

Also do not miss this unique opportunity to visit on the research boat Celebrity Xpedition Galapagos Islands and their unique flora and fauna. Celebrity Xpedition – the only yacht in the world of premium that goes to the Galapagos Islands. It accommodates just 98 guests. Take the perfect trip that will give you a delightful pleasure and highlights that you remember for a lifetime.

During a cruise with Celebrity Cruises You’ll be surrounded by endless exciting opportunities both on board and on shore. Ships of Celebrity Cruises come in more than 200 exciting ports in the world, in areas such as Europe, Alaska, the Caribbean, Transatlantic.