What is a sea cruise?

In a Mediterranean cruise you will visit the warmest countries in Europe, enjoying the perfect
comfortable, pleasant meetings, an evening promenade on the deck of a luxury ship, and
beautiful scenery.
Cruise to the Caribbean – is blazing bright sun and a riot of color, passion and Kaleidoscope
the most incredible experience. But going on a cruise to the Arctic, it is necessary to take care of a warm
clothes, preparing in advance for unexpected severe northern romance.

Cruise ship is white, endless expanse of water, excellent service and extraordinary experience!


Cruises combine both our aspirations for the unusual, and our desire to spend their vacation in an atmosphere of total comfort, escape from the bustle of the cities and the hard rhythm of life. Cruise ship – a floating hotel. The comfortable cabins are superior to the level of the hotel in its class. Clean and “marine policy” are cozy and peculiar only to cruises services. Many restaurants with excellent and varied cuisine, excellent service levels meet the requirements of the most refined palates. Bars and cocktail lounges around the liner pleasing abundance of drinks. In the tourist cruise vacation all planned and at the same time absolutely free. Theaters, libraries, casinos, hot Broadway shows, discos, cinemas-the-art, swimming pool and sun deck, gym with modern fitness equipment, sauna and jacuzzi, beauty salons, spas and thalassotherapy – ideal for leisure.

On our website we will provide almost all the leading cruise companies in the world cruise. Of the many cruises we offer in our opinion, the most interesting for Russian tourists, the most adapted to our mentality, the most vivid, bright and comfortable. Many of our tourists have themselves know and choose, on the liner which cruise company they want to travel, but for those who are first going to sea cruise, we will always help you choose the right route and the liner.

The charm of the sea has a dizzying number of restaurants. The main dining room seats 2900 Adagio passazhirov.Vydayuschiysya Cafe is among the special grill Samba, a Brazilian steakhouse (chicken wrapped in bacon is heaven). Rita’s Cantina is a place for sipping a margarita and shrimp cebiche. For a cooked lobster and the kitchen, there are 150 Central Park. Vintage wine and cheese served. Satisfy the Munchies late night burgers and shakes at the launch Dzhonni.Solyary Bistro has a healthy and creative lunch and dinner options. A buffet the ship has a great variety of salads and international dishes.


For a fee, a novel consultant can take care of all details, including the wedding to find the perfect place to exchange vows, which may take place for a romantic language on board or ashore in the castle of the Caribbean. Packages range from simple weddings for two and a ceremony, photo shoot, cutting the cake and sparkling wine toast to more sophisticated weddings for couples and their guests. Receptions can be formal sit-down affairs with dishes such as sesame crust salmon and filet mignon, or a full buffet can be served, or the couple can choose just went hot and cold snacks.