Train Holidays

An Ideal Way to See Europe: Train Holidays

For a closer look at Europe holiday train – a unique event that just can not be compared with other forms of travel. In Europe, trains holidays – great way to enjoy the attractions of the continent’s many convenient and comfortable.


Today’s trains offer a charming and leisurely way to travel without the stress and inconvenience of airports, and access to excellent facilities and excellent service that can compete with the best hotels. These modern trains provide every convenience to travelers, such as cars, restaurants offering haute cuisine, cars with soft seating to socialize with fellow travelers, and the best places for great ideas, ever-changing European countryside. Some even have comfortable private sleeping cars with adjacent toilets and showers.

The railway network in Europe is quite comprehensive, and transport cooperation among its member states facilitates travel within and between many cities in Europe. Holidays trains thus reached a new peak in the journey. These networks can obviously travel through most of the continent, using nothing but the railways. By taking advantage of them, many are going, and railroad companies now offer long-distance and packages mezhstrany railway, which include sightseeing tours to many historical and attractions. Listed below are some popular train trip, you should consider whether you are interested in this wonderful way of traveling.

Istanbul to Budapest


Start your trip with Sirketsi stations in Istanbul. On the way to the Bulgarian border and visit the Roman amphitheater in Plovdiv Old Town, and then a trip to marvel at the eclectic architecture of Sofia, one of the oldest cities in Europe. See his ancient city walls, the church of St. Sophia, and the Alexander Nevsky Ketedrela, among other attractions. Then, it goes to Serbia through the rugged splendor valley Sicevo. Cross the Danube in Novi Sad, where you can check the Freedom Square and Dunevska Street in Old Town, and a huge fortress Petrovaradin. Continue through Serbia to Hungary and finish their trip to the Nyugati Station in Budapest. From Budapest on its way to your European trip, the easiest thing in the world. For example, you can travel on through Transylvania and Bulgaria back in Istanbul, and you can also travel to other culturally rich cities such as Warsaw.

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