Sea cruise with ATLANTIS LINE: Open up new horizons!

Not surprisingly, cruises on the Caribbean always beckon tourists. Magic beautiful, untouched by civilization, beaches, unique nature, unique atmosphere of celebration of life is not shameful to succumb. Especially because all the “at its best” tourist tour operator organizing ATLANTIS LINE, known for his many years of impeccable reputation in the market and that is the exclusive representative in Russia №1 cruise company in the world CarnivalCruises.

Prodefiliruyut around Carib tourists in brilliant style – on ultramodern newest ship Carnival Breeze. This liner fond of Russian tourists in the summer on routes in the Mediterranean, and now it is beautiful in the Caribbean. And like it is not in vain. The fact that the Carnival Breeze is a new generation of cruise liners. Concept Fun Ship («Fun Ship”), embodied on board, takes a cruise vacation into a new orbit.

In addition to the main restaurants, cafes and bars on board are a lot of cafes and bars to suit all tastes. For example, the new Asian restaurant Bonsai Sushi. RedFrog Rum Bar you can taste a beer under the brand Carnival. And EA Sports Bar is the first maritime bar with video games.

Infrastructure is very rich liner service to tourists:

Theatre Main Show Lounge, three swimming pools (one of them – for children), a water park, 10 Jacuzzi, relaxation area Serenity, fitness center, playground (basketball, volleyball, tennis), a running track on the open deck, mini-golf, SPA center Cloud 9 Spa (area of ??3700 sq m), beauty salon, hairdressing salon, night club, disco, cinema on the open deck, entertainment from the company Hasbro (author of My Little Pony and many other toys), Internet caf?, library, art gallery , medical center, shopping arcade. And also – the first 5D cinema in the cruise industry.

For children organized several clubs (depending on age) and places to socialize. They can watch movies, listen to music, play video games, sing karaoke, swim in the children’s pool. Tale.

And in this atmosphere of continuous tale of Caribbean cruise itinerary is laid as a feast for the eyes: swim tourists from Miami, go to the exotic islands of the Turks and Caicos. Then – in the Dominican Republic, and from there – on a bright Curacao, and then another, and Aruba. And only then come back to Miami.

It is important to note for yourself that the company ATLANTIS LINE to make a sea voyage of Russians even more comfortable and interesting, organizes on board Carnival Breeze Russian service! This means that travelers “Atlantis” offers Russian assistants – always ready to help, to explain, to tell and to help or simply to act as interpreters.

A cruise because of the United States has recently become much easier, as the US have simplified the process of obtaining visas. And interesting.

Not coincidentally, many tourists are asked to organize their first flight to New York, and in the city – the program for a few days. And then moved south to Miami.

Cruise travel can be completed before or after the vacation in Miami. It turns out very nice, leaving a lot of interesting memories tour.

The duration of the magnificent cruise on the Caribbean is 9 days.

A trip to the warm sea can be on 18 January. Then: February 15, March 1, March 15 and then – every two weeks.

Do not fail to take advantage of this great opportunity for a wonderful winter holiday.

Did you know that:


The Caribbean is the number one cruise destination in the world.

Carnival Cruise Lines – the most popular cruise line in the world number one.

Carnival Cruise Lines is also a leader in the Caribbean area.

ATLANTIS LINE – the general representative of the company Carnival Cruise Lines in Russia and CIS countries.

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