On a cruise ship Quantum of the Seas tourists in the bar will serve a robot

Cruise company Royal Caribbean International has introduced a unique technology and know-how that will be applied aboard technologically advanced ship Quantum of the Seas, told infogroup “TURPROM” in the press service of the cruise company.

“Cruise travel imbued with the spirit of romance, as in the past, but they evolve with the times – said Richard D. Fain, chairman and CEO Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. – We strive to use the most advanced technologies and introduce them to our ships to our guests’ has become even more attractive and comfortable. “

High-speed Internet on board allows guests to stay connected; intuitive applications for booking restaurants and places on the show was allowed to conveniently schedule a time to travel; RFID technology can quickly be registered on the ship and track the movement of baggage from loading to delivery to the ship’s cabin. All this Quantum of the Seas – the most technologically advanced ship in the world.

Immediate registration: from the pier to board the ship in record time. Register on Quantum liner can advance without leaving home. Thanks to the new online registration, guests can fill in all the necessary documents, upload your photo and get a digital proof of permission to land in advance. On arrival at the port of departure for tourists no longer have to stand in line and fill in the documents – only 10 minutes, and they will already be on board.

In addition, guests liners class Quantum can track the movement of your luggage on your smartphone. Thanks to RFID, you can watch the movement of the suitcase from the point of loading at the port to the cabin and in the opposite direction at the end of the journey.

“During the holidays, every minute counts, and especially – on board Quantum of the Seas, where so many things I want to have time to look and taste – says Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, executive vice president of Royal Caribbean International. – Guests can think in advance all the details of your cruise and enjoy the journey from the first minute on the liner. You can explore the ship in advance and plan your cruise. Ie guests actually get an extra day of travel, and each saved on planning a minute – it’s an extra minute break. ”

Quantum of the Seas will offer guests an unprecedented speed of the Internet on board for the first time can be compared with the usual speed of communication on land. This was made possible thanks to the use of satellites Partner – O3b Neetworks. Guests Quantum of the Seas will be able to watch videos, check email, share images on social networks, and enjoy video calls even in the middle of the ocean.

“During the holidays many tourists is important to stay in touch with your friends and family – said Lisa Lutoff-Perlo. – Our satellite communications system provides uninterrupted broadband connection during the entire cruise, providing guests with a unique opportunity to instantly share their experiences about traveling with Royal Caribbean with friends. ”

Modern technology has also made ??it possible to transform the space into a unique platform SeaPlex competition Xbox Live. Guests cruise ship for the first time will be able to compete with gamers around the world even when you are in the middle of the ocean.

We add that the first time on a cruise ship will Bionic Bar, where drinks are expertly mixed robotic bartenders. Orders are accepted through the plates.

In the space of Two70 will be held multimedia presentation, which blurred the line between reality and fantasy. Giant panoramic screen Vistarama and 6 mobile roboskrinov who will showcase their dancing abilities, rotating around its axis, connecting and disconnect, make every show a memorable one.

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