River cruises are in demand in the travel market

It is said that who ever breathed the fresh breeze from the river motor ship deck , will not forget this ever. Experts suggest river cruises – one of the most stable segment of the modern tourism market . Even the recent economic crisis has had little impact on the change in demand .
Today, the Russian rivers runs 121 boat . Of the 400,000 passengers for river navigation accounted for one-fifth of foreigners , and the rest – our countrymen. For many years, the most popular are cruises on the Volga , Volga- Baltic Waterway and the route “Moscow – Saint – Petersburg” .

Who usually goes for a ride ? Inquisitive and easy -going, those who are not accustomed to lose time in vain . Who value peace of mind, not a stranger to contemplation and always ready to have fun in a good company , even if he does not possess talents.

River cruises – not cheap . For example , a 24- day itinerary in single cabin from Moscow through Rostov- on-Don to Astrakhan and back will cost this September in 102 thousand rubles. Interestingly, it was a costly proposition , as well as low-cost options that are sold in the first place. If we use a system of ” early booking ” , the annual price increase of 5-10% will not touch you . Another option – to save on the cost of the permit – to become a regular cruise line and get a good discount. However, it should be borne in mind . If you reserve a luxurious 12 -foot cabin with a mandatory shower , refrigerator , TV, air conditioning , telephone, and other pleasures of life or water treatments in the room is limited basin, most of the time passengers spend outside cabins . In addition to tours and evening promenades on the banks get ready for a whole kaleidoscope of entertainment on board. Among them evening ” Cocktails with the Captain ” – beyond comparison . Adornment album almost all the ladies will then shot , “I and the captain .” Smart, charming, and a true gentleman , Captain – ” flag ship “.

The main thing in cruise vacation – movement . Change places , attractions, events are accompanied by a small opening . Some tourists with admiration to notice that it was with the ancient river Yaroslavl is compelling in its grandeur. Others, moored in Kimry discovering lace wooden houses terems – long dilapidated but still beautiful . Others fondly remembered in a forest clearing and Mandrogi themselves in the rain surrounded by a bevy of mushrooms. Surprisingly, despite the large number of passengers on a cruise ship , no one does not disturb anyone . Moreover, the fast is a feeling that everything – like one big family .

Curiously, other customers , according to tour operators, from one year to buy the same itinerary and are satisfied with it. Other fans , using a variety of proposals , go on a cruise for two , or even three times in navigation.

What you should pay attention to this year? Virtually all new items not listed. Here are just a few.

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