Top 10 largest cruise ships

On a cruise on the warm seas, I think everyone dreams of, but do you know the biggest cruise ships? The biggest ships we have examined, as well as the biggest sailing ships, now it is the turn of cruise liners.


1. “Oasis of the Seas» – the largest cruise ship


To date, this cruise ship is the largest in the world. Its length is 360 meters and tonnage – 225,000 tons. On board can accommodate 5,4 thousand people. Also here is the 2,000 crew. For fun holiday feature golf courses, swimming pools, artificial ice rink, climbing wall, casino, amusement park, etc.


2. «Independence of the Seas»


Length – 339 meters, the tonnage – 154,000 tons, accommodates 4370 people. This is the last ship in the series «Freedom», which also includes Freedom of the Seas and Liberty of the Seas. On the top deck is the fifteenth chapel for 60 people, where lovers can get married. Wedding on a boat has gained popularity.


3. «Freedom of the Seas»


Ship length – 339 meters, the tonnage of 154,000-ton, passenger capacity – more than 3,500 people. On the 15-tipalubnom ship is 1,800 roomy cabins and cozy Scandinavian-style. However, it does not provide single rooms.


4. «Liberty of the Seas»


The vessel is 339 meters, the tonnage -154,000 tons, passenger capacity – 3.5 thousand people. On board there is a real boxing ring, a mini-golf course, and the surfer has a special pool with artificial waves. Also here is the largest cabin – Presidential Suite of 200 square meters.


5. «Queen Mary 2 »


Length of the liner – 345 meters, the tonnage – 148000, accommodates 3,000 passengers. Built in 2004, this ship was considered the biggest in the world, it is more than the Statue of Liberty in the half. It is the only major ship bearing the title of RMS (Royal Mail Ship). During the heyday of the so-called shipping the most reliable and high-speed vessels carrying mail.


6. «Celebrity Solstice»


Length of the liner -314 meters, the tonnage – 122000, passenger capacity – 2800 people. This is the jet upper class, where all is left to chance. Almost all cabins – outside, many of them with a balcony. There is a special children’s center, which is suitable for children from 3 to 12 years, while the adults will play cricket or spending time at the casino.


7. «Queen Elizabeth»


Ship length – 314 meters, seating capacity – 2283 people. The liner is almost completely burnt down in 1972 but was restored in the harbor of Hong Kong. This luxury ship made its maiden voyage on the Caribbean in 2010. A distinctive feature is the three-color black-and-white color with a bright red stripe across the entire length of the ship’s hull.


8. «Voyager of the Seas»


Ship length – 311 meters, the tonnage – 137 000, holds 3114 people based on double occupancy. Liner was built in 1999 and remodeled – in 2002. This is the first ship that appeared artificial ice rink, climbing wall and a golf course with 9 holes.


9. «Explorer of the Seas»


Ship length – 311 meters, the tonnage – 137 000, holds 3,114 people. This is the twin brother of the liner «Voyager of the Seas». Here, as in the second ship is the Royal Promenade – a real street under a glass dome, whose length exceeds the length of a football field. It is full of shops, cafes, fairs and street musicians.


10. «Adventure of the Seas»


Ship length – 310 meters, the tonnage – 137,000 tons, passenger capacity – 3114 people. This liner also belongs to a series of Voyager, and has the same class comfort, including 26 cabins, specially equipped for people with disabilities.

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