30 Questions and Answers about the cruises (Part 1)

1. Pitching

We booked a cruise, and now doubt, and that if the ship will be much rock?- Our ships are classified as modern cruise ships are equipped with the most advanced technologies designed to keep the ship in a stable position even in the storm.

These devices include special screws installed across the keel. When tilting the vessel screws begin to spin, returning a ship in flat position. Our customers tell us that the six-point storm (and a wave height of three stories, house), wine by the glass is not swayed, and went to the theater presentation juggling knives! We guarantee that the probability of rolling on our vessels is extremely small.

2. Size of the vessel

We do not want to go on a cruise out – for what will work closely on the ship, it’s still not a hotel, with its vast territory.

- A modern cruise ship, you can easily compare, not only from a floating hotel, but a floating resort! Take, for example, Costa Mideteranian. If you compare it to the hotel, you get a 12 storey hotel (12 decks), length of 300 meters, can accommodate a 2680 (!) Guests, which has 1,057 rooms including 60 suites! Your client can visit the beauty salon, gym, solarium, sauna and Turkish bath, swimming pools (including an indoor and closing, in case of bad weather roof), jacuzzi, tennis courts at this tennis court, eat or spend time in the 17 bars and restaurants. It offers your customers, 3-level theater for 1320 people, several small theaters for variety shows, clubs, room for a game of cards, a club for fans of smoking cigars, internet cafe, casino, library, stores (boutiques) free trade. For children – three children’s club (for age), children’s pool with water slide, game machines. In addition, the ship they could find – laundry, photo salon, currency exchange office, medical office, and believers can visit the ship’s church.This is not a complete list! Our tourists are complaining that a week stay in the cruise they did not have time, go around the ship and visit all places of recreation and entertainment.So what about the limited space, however.


Be bored on board, foreign language we do not know, do not understand.

- To entertain or just to take your time on board our ships can be and not knowing foreign languages. For the rest of the world, ignorance of languages, apparently is not any problem. On board the ships you can meet the Japanese, the Germans, the French, and the inhabitants of the various countries of Latin America, here are the latest do not speak neither English nor Italian. Given the international composition of the audience, the management of the cruise, all your service builds on this foundation, all pointers are made in the form of icons, pictures showing where to go, what is behind some door, contests and fun action-oriented, not words . But, the most important thing! We did everything to make our tourists do not feel deprived. Animation and evening shows. All performances and entertainment on board are essentially international. If it’s performance in the theater, this dance performances, world-famous melodies, magician performances, jugglers, artists original genre (such as showing the theater of shadows), in bars and clubs, visitors can listen to jazz, “live” music, dancing and a lesson etc. In addition, the services of tourist pools, exercise equipment room, beauty salon, internet lounge, slot machines, a cigar club, card room, etc. Twice a cruise will be a midnight gala – dinner, where they can taste the most delicious, their be invited to the “captain’s reception”, where they will present the refined atmosphere of the ball. Will not be bored! (See also number 9 “Entertainment on the ship”).


Is it true that on board cruise ships mostly wealthy audience, all the women in evening dresses and diamonds, and the men in tuxedos? I will come if we are there, to the court?

- Not true! The audience at the ships the most diverse, but all share the common part – democracy of dress and behavior. People going on cruises, so they dress up as it is in T-shirts and shorts, lightweight sundresses and swimsuits. Behavior of tourists, is also quite simple, because all are on vacation! Beautiful and formal dress, made only to the captain’s reception, which happens once per flight. This method organizes the captain to cruise participants and came to it, your visitors can experience the atmosphere of the ball. The orchestra plays waltzes, spinning beautifully dressed couples held various competitions, visitors can take a picture with the captain. In short, everything is beautiful and probably the only place where they can experience the atmosphere of the ball, the feel of the 19th century!Evening dress, dress your visitors can rent directly on the ship.Of course, they can not participate in this ball, and spend time in one of the bars or play in a casino, watch a theater performance, or just stay in your cabin.So, do not be afraid of the public on board, because the people on board are the same as you!


Are the prices on board your ship? Tourists on board the cruise ship, unable to select stores when shopping. Does not this mean that the price of souvenirs, wine products more expensive than on the beach?

- On the contrary! Every ship, while at sea, it is free trade zone, a kind of continuous Duty free! Prices in stores, and it is usually, boutiques, much lower than on land, the difference can range from tens of euros into simple products and up to several thousand for expensive watches or jewelry. The reason is that the ship is the extraterritorial zone, that is, what does not belong to any state, and therefore, the majority of goods are not obkladyvayutsya taxes existing at the bank. For the same reason, while in port shops on the ship do not work!The same goes for wine or cocktails in bars and restaurants. Photos are from 10 euros for a photo, beauty services, from 18 euros per treatment (on the bank, the same procedure can cost over 30 euros), a hike from 30 euros, a romantic evening in the gourmet restaurant of 25 euros per person for the reservation table regardless of the number of dishes ordered.Many services are available free of charge on board. Tourists can enjoy free sauna, pool, jacuzzi, gym, all the performances, shows, performances, free of charge as a library, a room for playing cards. Partly paid are places like gourmet restaurant where a table reservation you have to pay 20 – 25 euros (free food), a cigar room, where you can buy cigars, if a tourist is not his, but if he came with her, he would have to pay only cognac, which is sure to offer him a cigar.


We do not speak foreign languages, will not we be out there alone? Will we be able to solve their problems?

- First of all, loneliness. If you go to a group tour and in a group of more than 20 people, bored alone does not have to, because you are going other tourists from Russia. For the convenience of our visitors, we strive to “Russification” life on the ship – our base ship on a permanent basis by Russian-speaking employees, a task which, to help Russian tourists, give them advice and help in the home, to collect on the tour, the word always be near with them. The restaurant’s menu will be translated into Russian, tourists will receive a daily Russian-language newsletter about upcoming events on board, in Italian ports will be available on board the Russian newspapers, side dish is what will make or central television program, the question of broadcast video in Russian . And, of course, in most ports tourists will be offered tours in Russian. It is in the presence of the Russian service, and is the main difference of our cruises from existing in the travel market of cruise offers.If tourists do not go in and book a group tour is not our core ships, then there’s nothing you can do about it, it’s a personal tour!



What baggage are provided on cruise ships?

The ships weight and number of bags are limited standards of reasonableness, that is, there is any specific rules, but passengers should not inconvenience yourself and other passengers, the number and weight of their luggage. In any event, the admission to board passengers with a particular amount of luggage for the relevant services of cruise companies. But we should remember that there are rules luggage is transported established carriers, obviously, we should be guided by them.· Europe – Standard Terms and Conditions (per person) 20 kg. + 5 kg.· Caribbean – Standard Terms and Conditions, by weight of luggage. Number of seats is limited to 2 pieces of luggage and one carry-on (in person).· Transatlantic – Standard Terms and Conditions Please note that the free baggage allowance, the tourist pays in addition, from its own funds.Rent or insurance for luggage. Airlines and cruise companies are responsible for loss of luggage in the relevant international rules and agreements, the compensation for which there are limited fixed Sumy, while the insurance company gives the tourist an opportunity to insure your luggage at the amount that they want.On the ship, running the service baggage search. If luggage is lost airline travel, they should, in addition to access to the appropriate service of the airport, visit the reception desk on the cruise ship. After baggage search procedures will staff the ship. Services to find lost luggage for cruise passengers – free.The system of checking in and boarding at the end of the cruise described in sections № 10 and № 36 “Get on board the ship” and “end of the cruise.”

8. Clothing for cruisesAdvise how to dress on a cruise?

During the day, both on board and ashore during stops, we recommend wearing clothing made of lightweight and comfortable shoes. During the time the ship at sea can be a little cool, so, be sure to take a sweater or jacket. On cruises there is no strict dress code for evening events, but passengers usually warn how to dress for certain activities to be on board, such as a free, informal clothing (jacket required for men), formal (cocktail dresses for ladies and dark suit for men). Depending on the route and duration of the cruise, on board is from one to three evening events with a strict dress code. On many routes and Roman themed evenings (carnivals) tourists are recommended to bring your costumes.Strictly prohibited going to restaurants, bars and places of rest (except the upper deck), in bathing suits. The same rules apply to walking barefoot. Shorts are permitted only in the morning and afternoon – evening asked not to wear shorts.

9. Recreation SHIP

What fun are offered to tourists on a cruise ship?

Tourists can spend their time on board, as they like – active or relaxing and sunbathing. Events are held on board international animation team, and the passenger can take part in these programs at any time. Schedule of events is given in the daily information sheet, which will be delivered to the cabin tourist. This leaflet provides information on the ship, port sites and cruise program.Every night on board the ship are activities for passengers, and every night, this is a new concert, show or some surprise. Theater, dance and other stage productions are offered each evening in the main theater of the ship. Tourists can go to the bar, where he plays quieter music (piano, sax), or participate in one of the games in the living room. Can enjoy a drink at the bar, take a look at the whirling couples in the ballroom, and in good weather and do dance, in the open air. In a night club – disco disc jockeys offer a dance program for the whole night. Complete list of the tourists will find your entertainment in a special newspaper “Today on board.” During the cruise tourists will be invited to participate in the captain’s reception, their great surprise at the midnight gala meals – dinner at one of the dinners they are invited to participate in an authentic Italian feast, when the waiters will sing and dance.

10. Landing on board a shipHow is landing aboard the ship? What documents are needed?

- The group arrives at the port on the bus and with the guardian (or seen) is at the point of checking. In boarding document tourists are special adhesive labels numbered cabins. There are also several self-adhesive strips. Pay attention to the color of the ribbon! Usually, the group indicated in red ribbons. This color indicates the need for service personnel to do this luggage in the first place.Tourists stick labels on ribbons, ribbons, in turn wraps around the handle of a suitcase (as the airlines) and leave luggage at the baggage drop-off point, and later took him to the door of the cabin.Next, go to the check-in hall. Looking at the number of his cabin, tourists recorded it in one rack, which are the numbers of their cabins. When registering tourists impose the following documents:

A passport

Tickets for the cruise

Completed application form (which is also a form of landing)

Informs the employee, as it will pay off on board – cash or credit card

The clerk shall issue a tourist:

Guest card

Number of reports in which he goes to the border control

Further tourist waiting for the announced number of his group and with all going to the border officer.Attention! Before passing the border control on Board is not possible!Border checks the visa officer and put in a ticket stamped registration.Further tourist goes to the ship. Landing on the ship also passes through a checkpoint, but of the ship. If tourists have hand luggage, it is passed through the x-ray, as the airport, the tourist passes through metal detector. After passing the control of tourist goes to the reception desk (reception) and deliver your passport. In return, the tourist gets a special form confirming that he passed the passport. Recommended ask for a copy of your passport and put her stamp on the ship, a copy of the police replaces original passport.Attention! Surrender passport is required for citizens of all countries outside the European Community!

Attention! Latecomer tourist who is not fit and who appeared on his tour to be canceled, while it loses 100% payment! If, in your camper still be late, he should notify the accompanying (by phone, fax, etc.), or call your agency and ask to warn that it will catch the ship at the next port, and then try to fly or go to the port where the vessel is will be on the next day. Otherwise, the administration cruise reserves the right to implement an unoccupied cabin.

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