The role of sea cruises in your life

Whatever land creatures we ourselves nor the number of the ships is still one part of our lives, as in the harbor. Perhaps one day all overland tourists turn to cruise passengers, because in the world there is nothing more beautiful than a cruise. People do not go on a cruise for one reason only: because he never tried to do that. But once tasted can no longer refuse to romance of the seas and oceans.


According to statistics, 70 percent of cruisers – regulars voyages. Boat trips – a unique opportunity to visit several countries in one trip, with no need to constantly unpack luggage: all things are hanging in the closet, and outside the country are changing. Every day you are going to walk on a new city, and in the evening back home, where you will find a delicious dinner and lots of fun. In the cruise to get to such distant places about which way and hear something impossible! And Cruise – is another globe, because every ship – a new country, and these countries – a flotilla. These countries are not marked on the ships normal maps, but they are beautiful and full of life! They are called floating hotels or floating palaces, but in fact each of them much more than the most luxurious hotel: it is a luxury hotel with a view of the whole world! There is something magical to explore the world, sitting on the veranda of his own comfortable liner, feeling the breath of gentle breezes and the sound of waves.


Every day, with bated breath, opening the curtains to see the new city or natural beauty. After a day of new discoveries and achievements on the bank seeks a ship for the trip became truly a second home, cozy and comfortable. A romantic dinner right on the front porch or enjoy culinary delicacies in one of the restaurants on board, a good time for a cocktail, and, finally, enjoy musical performances in good company. Cruises give a great opportunity to relax in the huge luxurious floating resort and, with his head plunged into a diverse charms of the world, to feel like a citizen of the world and experience the unparalleled joy of life between sky and sea. Sail by charming scenery, magical city, animating the distant memories of childhood, and the wonderful islands have preserved the primordial image of the world. Sun rays penetrating through the green groves of Tuscany, smiling faces, peering furtively from Zulu kraal, preserved in the mouth taste Andalusian sherry severe rocks fjords of Norway or the avant-garde twists Sydney Opera fascinate travelers, drawn into the vortex of their breathtaking scenery, the multiplicity and diversity of world cultures that have attracted artistic achievements, beautiful and perfect. It is less important to direct you to your heart, because any route hides much more than a voyage, opening up new guests have not known the brink of world civilizations, the natural wealth of different continents and the success of global processes, emphasizing the uniqueness of each region.


Fascinating voyage – a great opportunity to step back and not think about nothing: you relax and enjoy the kaleidoscope of impressions, and your “floating house” carries you to new horizons in comfort and luxury. In this case, your stay carefree enough – in your ticket includes unlimited food and access to all kinds of entertainment. Your additional costs are kept to a minimum. Modern cruise ships are called floating hotels or floating palaces, but in fact each of them much more than the most luxurious hotel: it is a luxury hotel with a view of the whole world! In modern liners have it all: amazing restaurants, discos, casinos, health clubs and the famous beauty cents, swimming pools, tennis courts and a climbing wall, gym, athletic fields, running tracks, cinemas, theaters, ice arena and helipads, whole streets of bars and stores, special offers and menus, luxury cabins with balconies …


One can understand and those passengers who do not come ashore during the cruise – they have enough of the ship itself. Lovers always relaxing to relax in a lounge chair on the deck, to be alone with a book in a quiet bar, a cup of coffee in the quiet of a private balcony. Entertainment fans will be amazed by the abundance of various competitions, rides, dance parties, shows, etc. Gambling players will discover a magnificent casino with slot machines. Teens would be happy to spend time in specialized clubs and halls of virtual games. Children offer numerous recreational programs adapted to different age groups.Food on a cruise Many restaurants, bars and cafes on board any cruise ship, you can enjoy the magnificent and varied food at any time of the day or night. Appreciate the variety and quality of dishes to heavy “buffet”. Treat yourself to a gastronomic delicacies at dinner in the main restaurant. Spend an unforgettable evening in the romantic atmosphere of alternative restaurant with an exquisite menu and excellent service. Drink a cocktail on the sun deck by the pool. Grab a snack bar and grill or a Mexican cafe. Do not miss the midnight buffet – will tempt you again different goodies, and the gala buffet chef will amaze you not only a culinary art, but also the ability to present their masterpieces. Any cruise – this is a true paradise for gourmets!Beauty in cruise Elite voyages aboard luxury liner will allow you to keep the tone and keep myself in good shape: Exercise facilities and meeting rooms for aerobics, yoga and other fitness classes; Pool and Jacuzzi; Running tracks, sports grounds for volleyball or basketball, tennis, table tennis; On a number of ships – climbing walls, golf simulators, golf mini golf, billiards; Luxury spa with a variety of treatments for health and beauty; Beauty salons, offering the full range of hairdressing and beauty services; Special menus with low-calorie dishes: You can be assured that you will look and feel wonderful!Entertainment on the cruise Interesting sea travel – is not only fascinating excursions on shore, but the mass of the additional entertainment on board the cruise liner. Soak up the sun on the deck by the pool or take part in numerous competitions. Enjoy live music in one of the bars. Learn to dance salsa and meringue or a quiet read in the library. Watch your favorite movie or go shopping on board, where there is everything from a toothbrush to clothes from the most famous designers. Try your luck at the casino and enjoy enchanting evening show. By the way, we give below a list of ships that do not have casinos: Disney Cruise Line NCL Pride of Aloha NCL Pride of America NCL Pride of Hawaii Clipper Cruise Line Star Clippers Windjammer. Protantsuyte night away at the disco or smoke a cigar and drink a glass of brandy in the cigar room. Your children also will not remain without attention: under the supervision of well-trained staff on board, they will spend unforgettable days!Accommodation on a cruise Your cabin – it is an oasis of comfort on a luxury liner, and you can be sure that you get comfort and service worthy of you. Modern sea travel will surely keep the romantic aura of the past, but now is rest, corresponding to the best European standards of service. You can order the cabin tea, coffee and snacks. Your cabin steward will clean twice a day. Each cabin is equipped with a telephone, TV and adjustable air conditioning. Most cabins have a mini-bar, hairdryer and safe. The bathroom has all the necessary amenities and a lot of great towels. On many ships in suites at your disposal will be a concierge or butler. The most luxurious ships owned by companies Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises, Princess, Holland-Amerika Line. Some of them offer an American scale, others – Oriental luxury. Even Walt Disney empire has its own cruise company – Disney Cruise Line, and a private island in the Caribbean. But there is a world cruise is a real jewel liners piece of work, travel on them – it is fun for foodies.


This company ships Silversea, Japanese Crystal Cruises. The concept of these companies have a fundamentally different. They do not have big ships, there is no loopback routes, not what might be called the word “cabin”. Large yacht – displacing 25,000 tons – slowly moves around the world, moving in space one hundred luxury apartments, 200 passengers and 200 crew members. In four Silversea ship, “Silver Cloud,” “Silver Wind”, “Silver Shadow”, “Silver Whisper”. Each of them – is a private floating club for people who want to stay chamber. Here, all exclusively – from the luxurious interiors to coastal programs. Shampoo in the bathrooms – and one of the “Bulgari”! The small size of the ship allows him to go into the smallest and most beautiful ports such as Portofino, at the mouth of the Amazon, to the fjords. Boat on the shore of the guests have fun at the golf club or on safari. Wonderful trip to the offer of sailing and Sea Cloud Cliper Cruises. Besides the usual rigging, have their ships have modern engines, but the adventure is an adventure, when the weather permits, they go sailing. The weather, fortunately, can almost always! A whole world opens up in front of those who take the boat for rent – with a captain and crew, of course. This lucky yesterday land is on a yacht captain, and the captain – his assistant.


Before it really opened the whole world: he chooses the route and dispose of temporary camps. Rentals can take quite a small boat, and can be a floating palace belonging to an Arab sheik or crown prince. Even Europe is quite possible to inspect a ship. Are attractive for romantic hearts have Danube, Seine, Rhine, Rhone and Po, which flows from interesting countries and beautiful places. Yes, there is, mankind has always been drawn to the water. The most beautiful cities are on the shores of the seas and rivers, the most interesting adventures happen in sea voyages, the most interesting novels written about uncharted waters and beaches. To go to sea on a yacht – is an adventure. Raise the anchor, to dissolve the sails – and prowl the seas and oceans … What is this? – Ordinary happiness.

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