Star Clippers

Star Clippers Cruise Company was established in 1991 by Swedish entrepreneur Mikael Kraft, a passionate lover of yachts and clippers.

Sailing this extraordinary company of merchant ships are replicas of the mid-19th century. Equipped with the latest technology, clippers combine a modern set of services with the romance of long sea voyages.

The company’s fleet consists of three ships: two four-masted Twin Star Clipper u Star Flyer and luxurious Royal Clipper, entered in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest sailing ship with square sails. Of course, sailing – it’s not a cruise ship in the usual sense of the word. However, a cruise on a sailboat has huge advantages:
Clipper can come in small, secluded coves inaccessible to larger cruise liners.
Each port on the ship invited local musicians and artists to create a local flavor on the board.
Entertainment program created by the team, including the captain – and you’ll be amazed at what great improvisers, they are.
The bridge opened to the public at any time.
You can try to climb up the rigging to the mast (of course, with insurance!).
A special sea platform in the stern Royal Clipper allows you to enjoy water sports right on the high seas!
Just imagine how it romantic – to drink a cocktail in the evening on the open deck to the sound of snow-white sails over your head!
Cruise on a sailing boat – a perfect combination of adventure, romance and traditions of the sea with excellent service and modern luxury yacht!
Every night you dine in the elegant restaurant – with no requirements regarding the form of clothes!
It was an informal atmosphere on board is doing cruises sailing so attractive!

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