Poseidon Ekspedishnz

The company “Poseidon Ekspedishnz” specialized in organizing luxury tours expedition by the most unusual and interesting directions. Our tours focus on the curious travelers who want to visit the unique and often remote corners of the globe. The geography of our travels – from the North to the South Pole, inclusive. Yes, with us you can visit both the Arctic and Antarctic. Our programs vary from tour to the dogsled expedition cruises on icebreakers.

Each area represented by the original, and each expedition is never similar to the previous one. During the trip, participants become real researchers, and often justifiably consider themselves pioneers.

Our guides and instructors to accompany tourists on expeditions, have the necessary experience and qualifications, and are willing to share the accumulated knowledge in the field of ethnography, biology, geography, history, and ecology: Carefully-chosen equipment and living conditions provide a high level of comfort, even where to civilization – a thousand miles.

Among our areas dominated areas with unique ecosystems (sometimes very fragile), c rich flora and fauna. During the expedition the participants a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the amazing natural phenomena.

The company “Poseidon Ekspedishnz” was founded by the English team of employees of the company «Poseidon Arctic Voyages Ltd» – widely known in the world market for its icebreaking expedition tours cruises to the North Pole. With its unique experience in this market, just knowing all the organizers and travel, while being one of the largest tour operators expedition cruises in the world, we created a new travel company, in Russia, which is designed to provide the best travel on favorable terms to Russian tourists.



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