Very little time is left until a PAC Group celebrated its twentieth anniversary. During his nearly 20-year history it has made in order to realize the quality of its customers desire to travel. Tour operator is very important to be a reliable partner, which is reflected in its interaction with the travel agencies.

The company’s activities Pac Group has been awarded numerous awards, here are a few:
1997 – Award “Crystal Globe” for the most original project in the field of tourism.
1998 – Certificate III level of the Government of Moscow and Russia GKFT for participation in the Fourth International Exhibition “Rest – 98″ in nomination “The Russian company, is actively contributing to the promotion of tourist products in the Russian market”
2001 – Diploma of the Alpine Club for taking part in V International Ski Salon.
2002 – Eighth International Diploma tursticheskoy exhibition “Holidays 2002″ in nomination for the reliability and stability in their work.
2005 – At the ceremony, tour operator company PAC GROUP was awarded the title of laureate “TBG-2005. Travel Brands “in three categories
2007 – The exhibition “ITM 2007″ the company was awarded the “Certificate”, indicating that PAC GROUP is a leading tour operator ranking “Drummer Tourism Labor” at the end of the season “Winter 2006-2007″ in the direction of Finland, held infogruppoy “Turprom.”
2009 – The company has taken PAC GROUP I place in the ranking of preferences in the direction of Italy cooperation on the basis of season, “Summer 2009″ according to the Service BANCO.

Pac Group – a leading tour operator in Alpine Tourism

Also, the company Pac Group is the strongest ski tour operator in tourism. Pak Tour Operator Group – famous ski brand in the number of tourist destinations which includes such countries: Andorra, Austria, Bulgaria, Italy, Norway, Slovakia, Turkey, France, Switzerland, Sweden. For all ski resorts in Italy are working representatives of Pak groups who care about tourists 24 hours a day. If you go to ski resorts in Italy with the company Pac Group, you’ll notice that all the resorts are selected according to stringent requirements. Pac Group chooses resorts that have a large number of ski lifts and a high level of equipment. Particular attention is paid Pak groups resort infrastructure (presence of shops, restaurants, discos, sports complexes) and the ability to make additional trips through the neighborhood.

Tour operator number 1 in Italy

Pac Group Company was founded in 1989 and since then, has a leading position in the direction of Italy. Inbound Pac Group can offer you “any Italy” whether economical group tours or individual travel difficult. Updating the company’s managers say travel company Pac Group number 1 tour operator in Italy. Italian department, Pak teams is considered the most professional in the market, because the organization of tours to Italy – a calling card Pak-groups.

Exotic “handmade”

Pac Group has a highly professional department of the exotic, which operates in three large areas – Latin America (Mexico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Argentina, Chile, Peru), South-East Asia (Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, China) and Africa.



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