P & O Cruises

Cruise company P & O Cruises was founded in 1837 with the aim of marine passenger services between Britain and its colonies, from India to New Zealand, and widely recognized as the ancestor of sea cruises as a form of recreation. Already in the middle of last century, cruises have become an important part of the company. The famous English writer William Makepeace Thackeray praised in his works “pleasant Mediterranean cruise,” which he made on one of the ships of P & O.

Today the company carries out three main types of cruises: cruises in Europe from Southampton, Caribbean cruises in the winter and the annual round the world trip. On board the ships of the company dominates 100% but the British style. The fleet now consists of 5 modern aircraft with high standards of service. It should be noted that ships Arcadia Artemis and ships are for adults only.

Commitment to the traditions of old England, adherence to the canons of English life attracted to the P & O ships of high society people from all over the world. Famous tea at five o’clock in the evening, the British kitchen, aristocratic receptions, British humor, cricket cruises are an excellent advertising P & O. Only here you will find these British officers – gentlemen and stewards-Indians recruited to the team in memory of the colonial past of the company. Going on a cruise company P & O, sure to grab an evening dress – otherwise you will not let any one walk into a party on the ship. However, if you do not want to wear a ceremonial dress, you can always have dinner at a buffet …

Today, P & O Cruises is part of the largest cruise holding company Carnival Corporation.

Do you like the British style? Cruises on the elegant classic liners of the company P & O – is for you!

P & O organizes special cruises for those who want to celebrate a wedding anniversary round! Gift of “young” to be on-board credit of 50 pounds sterling and silver-plated frame for a commemorative photo.

Families with children traveling on their honeymoon, waiting for board credit of ? 30, champagne and chocolates in the cabin and the present – a surprise.

Currency on board – Pounds Sterling.

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