Cruise ships of Seabourn Cruise Line

Cruise line The Yachts of Seabourn was founded in 1987 (then called the Seabourn Cruise Line) Norwegian group of investors interested in building the fleet of ultra-luxury cruise liners, reminiscent of the mega-yachts. The result was the beginning of a new style of cruising: to ensure the highest standards of personal service exclusive group of passengers in unparalleled luxury.
In 1991 25% of the capital of the company was acquired by holding company Carnival Corporation (now the company is wholly owned by the holding company). When the 1998 Carnival Corporation purchased Cunard Line, the two brands, while maintaining independence, have been combined to reduce administrative costs. Three ships, previously owned by Cunard, Seabourn went into the navy in November 1999: Royal Viking Sun, Seabourn Sun renamed and two Sea Goddess – I and II, renamed Seabourn Goddess I and II.
In 2001 the company decided to return to the Seabourn fleet, consisting of only three ships yacht type. Seabourn Sun was transferred to Holland America Line fleet in April 2002 Seabourn Goddess I and II in 2001 were sold to the original owner of the Norwegian entrepreneur Atlu Bryunestadu, who called them Sea dream I and II, and formed a new company cruising class “suite” – Sea dream Yachts Club.
The company Seabourn is famous for offering the highest in the world cruise fleet level of food and service on board. All three ships are very small – only 204 passengers. The atmosphere on board is very formal, with its solemnity to. Much of the time assigned to communicate with each other passengers and, of course, the meals. Staff on board drawn from the Europeans. At least once during the cruise you will be dining with the captain and senior officers.
Standard for all three ships are free wine and soft drinks, complimentary mini-massage on the deck and perfect toiletry kits.
You can dine at any time. From whom and when you want. Here you can order the same thing to his cabin. And every meal will become a holiday!
The ships are equipped with Sea platform for water sports.
Of course, these ships are not designed for families with children (although this is not a ban – most recommended): there are no conditions for children’s recreation.
Tipping is not required on board – and even expected. The best reward is satisfied smiles of the passengers.
Seabourn Cruise combines the excitement of discovery, exciting adventures and delightful sense of ease that comes when you serve and love experienced in his business professionals. This journey, which was created for the elite, which has a value of exceptional quality …

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