«Princess Cruises»

Indeed, a Princess cruise ship (the Island Princess) was used for the popular TV series “The Love Boat” and the cruise line still benefits from that image among the older folks which are the majority of the cruise ship passengers. What began as the little cruise line that could – operating one small luxury liner between Los Angeles and the Mexican Riviera in 1965 (and later Alaska) – has evolved into a cruise industry giant. Princess Cruises has 14 ships sailing the globe on more than 150 itineraries that range from seven to 72 days and visit some 260 ports. 

Princess Cruises big news in 2004 was its near-unprecedented new ships expansion. In the space of about three months the cruise line added three new cruise ships. Diamond Princess, the fleet’s new biggest-ship-ever (at 116,000 tons), christened at the end of February; followed by Caribbean Princess and then, finally, Diamond’s sister ship – Sapphire Princess.

Fleet expansion hasn’t been limited to 2004, of course. In 2003, the company launched the sister ships Coral Princess and Island Princess. In 2002, the company acquired two cruise ships from now-defunct Renaissance Cruises and, after minor refurbishments, introduced Tahitian Princess and Pacific Princess. In 2009 Princess Cruises acquired two more former Renaissance Cruises ships and named them Royal Princess and Ocean Princess. Star Princess, a sister ship to Grand Princess, also joined the fleet in 2002. Five new cruise ships from the Grand Class are operational and sailing, all of them 116,000 tons – the Crown Princess, the Caribbean Princess the Emerald Princess, the Diamond Princess and the Ruby Princess.

Princess Cruises is now part of the industry’s giant Carnival Corporation a move that occurred when Carnival acquired the cruise line’s parent company – U.K.-based P&O Cruises. And even though Princess Cruises is now part of the world’s largest cruise corporation, the operation of the line has, by and large, remained the same.

«Princess Cruises» back to all Egyptian ports, “inherent” in its earlier routes from which they were removed in response to the well-known political events of February, when unrest and riots forced the cruise company “redraw” just 18 flights with a stop in Egypt.

Initially the ban was supposed to operate until the end of November this year. Yesterday the company announced that the «Star Princess», «Dawn Princess», «Ocean Princess» and «Pacific Princess» back to the same shores as it was originally stated in the schedule. The first visit to the Egyptian port is scheduled for «Princess» on May 15.

“From the beginning of the year, marked by large-scale protest actions, the political situation in Egypt became noticeably quiet channel. Today the tourist areas there is virtually no old unrest. ” With these comments made by Executive Vice President «Princess Cruises» Ian Schwartz (Jan Swartz), according to which, the company “is pleased to announce to passengers that they are, as always, can rely on familiarity with the canon of Egyptian history, namely, its pyramids and other wonders of the ancient world. ”

In particular, the 12-Dnevka to the Holy Land and the visit includes a two-day vacation in Alexandria and Port Said. Cruises start on May 7, finished Navigation November 15, 2011. To date, all the tourists who booked the voyage to the Promised Land, get information from the adjustment path. «Princess» will continue to monitor the situation in Egypt. The company will remain in touch with various government authorities to the real-time will receive the latest information and recommendations on navigation.



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