In the coming German company PETER DEILMANN offer exclusive tours on the rivers of Europe aboard the ships elegant 4 * and 5 *.

Comfortable cabins, daily entertainment, excellent service, a rich and interesting excursion routes.

Similar to the handsome yacht – liners, charming in every detail. An unforgettable experience, the best European tradition, gastronomic delights, comfortable cabins – all world cruises from the company PETER DEILMANN, a recognized leader in river cruises in Europe.

The most authoritative reference books and specialized publications have repeatedly pointed out cruising company PETER DEILMANN CRUISES. In 1997, the Prussian Princess cruise ship was chosen as the best liner in the category menu, service and design of restaurants. In 2000, PETER DEILMANN entered the top four categories of small cruise companies to assess readers’ CONDE NAST TRAVELER. Also in 2000, Porthole magazine said the company’s routes, as the best, and up to 2002 readers of the same edition of the leading British specialist company noted PETER DEILMANN, as the best tour operator for river cruises.

PETER DEILMANN CRUISES was included in the Gold List of the Worlds Best Cruise Lines, and annually naminiruetsya as a company offering the best routes and providing the highest level of service on board its ships.

Each season the cruise company offers a tour of their new ships.

, 2000. – The water was lowered river ship MV KATHARINA 5 *, considered one of the most elegant in the world a river cruise fleet.

, 2001. – Held innauguratsiya liner MV CASANOVA 5 * interiors done in the baroque style.

, 2002. – Commissioning of the ship MV FREDERIC CHOPIN 5 *, which offers its guests a cruise on the rivers of Poland and Germany.

In March 2004, the cruise company PETER DEILMANN CRUISES will be launched on the latest three-deck ship MV HEIDELBERG 5 *, the calculated total of 112 passengers (56 cabins). The liner will combine itineraries on the Rhine, Moselle and Danube.

Cruises on the rivers of Europe – it’s a great opportunity not only to visit the familiar and beloved city, but also to discover the picturesque small villages, ancient castles of the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria and Poland to travel to the south of France or Northern Italy.

River ships are miniature luxury hotels designed to receive 120 to 200 guests, while the ratio of staff to the number of passengers is 2 to 5, which is the highest not only among the companies offering river cruises, and sea.



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