Cruise company Norwegian Cruise Line

Cruise company Norwegian Cruise Line was founded in 1966 (then called Norwegian Caribbean Line) and for many years been a trendsetter in the world krui ¬ call. She was the first cruise company to:
• Fitted the first mega-liner spe ¬ exponentially for cruises – with lots of restaurants, bars, lounges and entertain ¬ cheny: it was the ship Norway, ¬ HYDRATED designed for 2000 passengers (1980);
• purchased a private island in the Caribbean for the rest of passengers;
• introduce alternative restaurants on board;
• installed equipment for translational ¬ tion of sports events in the sports bar on board;
• equipped living area in the standard ¬ GOVERNMENTAL cabins (up to this living area has been the exclusive prerogative of the accommodation in suites and mini suites);
• refused to supply a fixed shift in the restaurant, declaring the concept of “Free Food” and is equipped with multi ¬ restaurants set on the board in order to avoid the queues;
• equipped Internet cafe on board;
• Equipped with huge suites, wearing ¬ ing the name of the Garden Villa, an area of ??approx. 500 sq.m. aboard the newest ships (each cabin has its own winter garden with a jacuzzi!).
Today, many of these innovations have become standards in the cruise industry and ¬ nyaty on many cruise ships – but the Norwegian Cruise Line does not stop on reached ¬ chick is constantly introducing new ideas. Today the fleet consists of 12 aircraft.
Freestyle Cruising Norwegian Cruise Line company mean free ¬ BODOU all along: You and only you decide what will be your day! “No!” – Jacket and tie! “No” – a predetermined time dinner! “No” – the same table every day! 8.10 a fundamentally different restaurants aboard each ship companies will allow you to enjoy the cuisine of different people at a convenient time for you and for you in a pleasant company.
It is worth noting elegant interiors of ships, teeming with objects used ¬ arts, until the originals frantsuzs ¬ FIR Impressionists, posted in the res ¬ toranah on the Norwegian Dawn.
For children on board provides special ¬ social programs to 4 ka ¬ age category: 2 to 5 years, from 6 to 8 years, from 9 to 12 fly from 13 to 17 years.
Stable popular ¬ Xia cruises around Cape Horn, the Caribbean, Alaska, Europe, and Hawaii – and here the Norwegian Cruise Line pioneered cruise industry ¬ Neu!
The company Norwegian Cruise Line cruise is a holding company Star Cruises, and, in turn, owns the cruise company Orient Line.
Currency on board – the U.S. dollar.

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