Cruise line Holland America Line

Cruise line Holland America Line was founded in 1873 to implement the so popular at the time of crossing the Atlantic and for more than 130 years of successfully developing in step with the demands of the times, keeping, however, unique style and traditions.

Today the fleet consists of 14 ships, offering cruises to various parts of the world’s oceans. Godmothers of almost all the ships Holland America throughout its history have been members of the Netherlands Royal Family.

The company basically does not build mega-liners (the largest ship of the tonnage is 85 thousand tons), because he believes that the ships of medium size with a smaller number of passengers on board is easier to provide better service and more spacious on the ship.

Holland America Line – in fact, the only cruise company in the world, has organized his own school, which trains staff in accordance with the requirements and objectives.

Cruises Holland America Line belong to the category of premium and is traditionally considered one of the most prestigious and high quality. The high level of service, excellent finishing cabin and ships in general have always been considered hallmark of the company.

Everywhere on the ship (including cabins) – fresh flowers. Interior decoration is made of natural materials, with a large number of works of art museum level.

At prmenad-deck lounge chairs are made of wood (plastic lounge chairs that are used in all the world cruise ship fleet, you will see on the Holland America Line ships only in pools!)

Every night in the halls during the traditional evening of cocktails for passengers offer free snacks.

On all ships, except the Oosterdam, Westerdam, Zuiderdam in Java CAFE clock (with just a few Signed short breaks for cleaning and refilling machines) You can get free coffee, espresso, latte and cappuccino! Agree, there are few ships with such a proposal!

In the ice-cream ice cream will be offered to you for free with any filler!

On all vehicles equipped with an opening roof over the pool deck, to allow passengers to swim in all weather conditions.

On the table in a restaurant you will see a porcelain “Rosenthal” and the excellent quality silverware.

All public restrooms instead of paper towels you can find terry towels disposable quality.

Quality interiors and aircraft service company has been appreciated in Russia: Westerdam was chartered by the Russian Olympic Committee at the time of the Olympics – 2004 in Athens to host official delegations and guests.

Today the company is part of the largest cruise holding company Carnival Corporation.

Currency on board – dollars SShA.Preimuschestva cruise company Holland America:

• Holland America Cruises company belong to a class of “premium” and is traditionally considered one of the most prestigious and high quality.
• Luxurious interior liner made of natural materials, with a large number of works of art museum level.
• Throughout the ship you will see the magnificent composition of flowers.
• Gourmet dinner in the main restaurant served on china, “Rosenthal”
• In the alternative restaurant meals are prepared by unique recipes and served in the luxurious porcelain Bvlgary.
• Above deck pool equipped with a closing roof, which allows to swim in all weather conditions.
• Almost all bright cabins equipped with bathroom, cabin with balcony – Jacuzzi, and in each cabin – luxury toiletries Elemis.
• In the cinema, before each session offer free popcorn.
• At breakfast at the buffet offers you a free large selection of fresh juices.
• For children and young people are equipped with luxurious entertainment area.
• Do not miss the fascinating culinary show and tasting conducted in each cruise.
• Pamper yourself with spa treatments at the magnificent Greenhouse – one of the world’s best brands in beauty and health.
• Enjoy the impeccable service “white gloves”, provided by well-trained Philippine team, trained in specialized schools.



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