Costa Cruises Cruise Company

Costa Cruises Cruise Company operates in the cruise business for over 60 years and is one of the largest companies in Europe.

Costa Cruises offers “cruises in the Italian style”, representing the Italian style in everything from design to supply: an elegant interior liners, Italian lessons, cooking demonstration with recipes of the best dishes of authentic Italian cuisine and raised to the level of vitality.

Cruise ships in the Costa Cruises – the perfect choice for families: children under 18 travel for free, paying only port charges, as well as intensive work on board entertainment program for children of different ages.

One major advantage of cruises Costa – a perfect combination of price and quality, especially considering the discounts for early booking. See here >>>

Company History:

In 1854, Giacomo Costa founded “Giacomo Costa fu Andrea”, specializing in the sale of tissues and olive oil in the markets of Genoa and Sardinia. The company has become one of the most successful in this industry, that soon enabled her to create a fleet of transport vehicles for transporting goods around the world and by the end of the XIX century its ships reached the distant shores of Australia, where the constant influx of immigrants from Italy has created a national market for food products.
In the first decade of the twentieth century «Costa» was ready to enter into the business of shipping: in 1924 the fleet was a small steamer “Ravenna”, used to supply raw materials to the markets of the western Mediterranean, and in 1928 he was joined by the steamer “Langano” . In the thirties, the tradition of giving ships names of family members, which added to the treasury of the company a few more ships, “Federico” (1931), “Eugenio” and “Enrico” (1934), “Antonietta,” “Beatrice” and “Giacomo” ( 1935).
By the beginning of World War II fleet of eight ships had a total displacement of 27.534 tons, but was able to survive the war only “longan”. However, «Costa» continued the creation of the fleet, building and buying more ships for the coastal trade. Unfortunate events such as the destruction of the Italian passenger fleet, increasing demand for passenger transportation, the economic crisis and the flow of immigrants across the ocean could not attract the attention of the Costa family, and in 1947 they introduced a new standard for passenger transport: the first (air conditioned) and the second classes. Laid the foundation for meeting the demand for passenger steamer Maria C., who was joined by Anna C. – The first Italian ship to cross the Atlantic after the war. In 1947, “Giacomo Costa fu Andrea” was renamed to «Linea C.». Soon after the re-branding in 1948, began commercial flights in North America. These flights carried the ship Maria C., done in style “Art Nouveau”, which was soon joined by Luisa C. After Luisa Maria C C and opened new routes to Venezuela and the Antilles ship Franca C. The first flight took place in 1953.

Since that’s been going on for 60 years, Costa Cruises is well known in the cruise business and is today one of the largest cruise companies in Europe.

In 2009 one of the ships company okanicheskih – «Costa Serena» National Geographic Channel shot a 6-part documentary «Cruise Ship Diaries» («Cruise Ship Diaries”). The film lay weekdays ship and its crew.



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