Cruise company Cunard Line

Cruise company Cunard Line Cruise company Cunard Line was founded in 1840 by Samuel Cunard, and for many decades, established a standard for elegance at sea. Owned by the liner Carpathia rescued the company all the survivors in the crash of “Titanic” in 1912 during the Second World War, Queen Elizabeth carried on board more than 1, 5 million soldiers, and Winston Churchill appreciated the company’s contribution to the victory, saying that the Cunard shortened the war by at least a year.

Cunard – the only cruise company, which is still regularly offers transatlantic cruises aboard his famous “Queens»: Queen Elizabeth 2, which walked the decks almost all the famous people of the world, and a new, thundered to the world the Queen Mary 2 – the biggest and most expensive ship the planet! Launching of the Queen Mary 2 in January 2004 became one of the highlights. Godmother was Queen of England liner. Arrival of the Queen Mary 2 in every port – an event that attracts many people.

Cunard have brilliantly combines traditional elegance and luxury with contemporary trends in the cruise mode. On board the most famous of these ships, you can spend your day in the way that you want – with the desired degree of luxury in the best British tradition. You will have to serve well-trained team, trained by the legendary Academy of White Star.

You will be pampered culinary delights from the best chefs of Great Britain. On board the Queen Mary 2 is the only feature in the world fleet Spa Canyon Ranch, the only planetarium and the largest ballroom! Experience the charm on the same journey on board the liner Cunard – that you will remember!

The company’s fleet currently consists of two ships in December 2007 on its maiden voyage will leave the third ship of Queen Victoria. Cunard Line is part of the largest cruise holding company Carnival Corporation.

Ships of Cunard – the only company in the world, where there are still classes of accommodation. Of course, this is not such a division that existed during the “Titanic” and the whole ship is absolutely at the disposal of all passengers. But for guests who are placed in a mini-suites and suites (called Grill-class) provides special benefits and privileges, the appropriate level of 5 * and a class “lux”.

Here are some awards that the company has received over the past 2 years:
«Queen Mary 2 – the best luxury cruise ship” – Reader’s Choice Travel Weekly in 2006 and 2005.;
“The best cruise routes in the world” – Reader’s Choice Porthole Magazine;
«Queen Mary 2 the best large ship luxury,” “Best food in the sea” – Journal of Australia Cruise Passenger Magazine;
“The best entertainment on board the Queen Mary 2» – Cruise Magazine Awards Ceremony (UK);
«Queen Mary 2 the best large ship in 2006», «Cunard Line the best cruise line with large ships” – Journal of Australia s Luxury Travel Magazine;
Cunard Line is named Robb Reports including 30 of the most exclusive brands of all times, “one of the characters that determine the quality of the highest standard”;
Queen Mary 2 has received the status of “ship 5 *” by Frommer’s – 2006 Frommer s Cruises and Ports of Call;
“Best cruise luxury international upstream” and “Cruise Company of the Year» – British Travel Awards, 2005

Currency on board – the U.S. dollar.



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