Cruise Company Carnival Cruise Line

The history of the cruise company Carnival Cruise Line – is a classic tale about the American dream! Founded in 1972 by Ted Arison, the company started with an old ship and the supply of fuel, enough for only one transition from Miami to San Juan. Relying only on the enthusiasm, Ted Arison entered into a partnership with a company American International Travel Service, Inc. (AITS) to develop a complete cruise company.  Two years later, Carnival was still young, barely surviving a tour operator. But Ted did not give up. In 1974 he bought the company from AITS for $ 1 in cash, taking the $ 5 million debt. Persistent, energetic and extremely confident, Ted spent the rest of his life to the development of the company, which has become a legend of seafaring business, making the sum of $ 1 attachment to the most popular and profitable cruise company in the world!

What is Carnival Cruise Line has made so popular? The company is committed to its slogan, “So much fun! So many places”. Ships of the company are designed as floating resorts. We should also mention a special, themed decor admired liners, created by the talented designer Joe Farkusom. Having made his first step on board, you will find yourself in a high atrium and the lights – and you’ll feel in Las Vegas or, in extreme cases, in Hollywood! Entertainment on board will never stop: throughout the ship played music groups, a casino and a disco noisy and crowded up to four in the morning, and even a “midnight” snack bar opens at half past midnight – so many things to still have time! Passengers visit the numerous restaurants, watch the show in the style of Las Vegas in the exquisite tiered theaters, enjoy cabaret shows, dinner in a stylish alternative clubs. During the day they frolic in the pools and water slides, and participate in various activities on board and on shore, where they can play golf on the best fields of the world, diving with a mask and flippers, go kayaking and canoeing, to see the local sights, go to shopping or just relax on the beach.

The company’s fleet now includes 22 ships, largely determining the trends of modern cruising. In the last series of ships to the passengers of 22 bar, children’s play area covering about 400 square meters, a great club for teenagers. The relaxed atmosphere of recreation vehicles Carnival attracts many families, often on board you can see up to four generations of the passengers!

If you are young in body and soul – Carnival cruises for you! The sea of ??entertainment, water slides, enchanting evening shows, fantastic disco, singing and dancing waiters in restaurants, extensive children’s programs, sports activities – all fused into a colorful kaleidoscope, giving the feeling of not-ending holiday! Cruise – it’s fun, says the company, and Carnival is doing everything possible to bring this idea into practice.

Carnival Cruise Line is now the largest cruise holding company Carnival Corporation.
In 2005, the first time in its history, the company Carnival has come to Europe:
newest ship Carnival Liberty immediately after the launching of a series carried out a 10-day cruises in the Mediterranean from Rome, from July 20! Hurry to take advantage of this unique opportunity in 2006!

Currency on board – the U.S. dollar.



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