Is there a risk of being in a storm

Cruise companies are trying to develop their routes so as to avoid the risk of storm situations. In addition, modern cruise ships are equipped with technology aimed at keeping the vessel in a stable position, these include stabilizers pitching – special screws installed across the keel. When you angle the ship screw begin to rotate rapidly, returning the ship to a level position.

You arrive at the port and go to the baggage drop point. At the landing documents are special self-adhesive labels with the number of cabins. You affix tags to your bags and leave the luggage at the baggage drop point. He was later delivered to the door of the cabin.

Next, you need to go to the hall desk.

When you register you need:
passport with all the necessary visas for the route
seating tickets for cruise
completed application form (which is the landing form).

Border checks the visa officer and put in a ticket to a stamp of registration.

Then you follow the ship. Landing on the ship also passes through the checkpoint, but of the ship. If there is a carry-on baggage, it is passed through an X-ray, as the airport, you pass through a metal detector.

The ships weight and the number of pieces of baggage are limited to reasonable standards, that is, there are no specific standards, but passengers should not cause inconvenience to other passengers and a quantity and weight of your luggage. In any case, the decision to admit a passenger on board with this or that amount of luggage – for the relevant services of the cruise company.

Keep in mind that the free baggage allowance is paid in addition, of its own funds.

Recommended to issue an insurance policy on the luggage of tourists. Air and cruise companies are responsible for the loss of luggage under the relevant international rules and agreements, the amount of compensation which is limited to fixed Sumy, while the insurance company gives you the opportunity to insure your luggage on the amount that you wish.

The ship service works baggage search. If the baggage has been lost carrier, you should, in addition to applying to the relevant service of the airport, turn on the reception desk on a cruise ship. Following the procedures staff will search for baggage ship.

Late-arriving traveler who appeared to be deemed not fit, then tour to be canceled, with those lost 100 percent of the payment.

If you’re still going to be late – you should immediately notify the accompanying (for group tours) or call us and ask to warn you that you will overtake the ship at the next port, then try to fly or go to the port where the vessel will be on the next day. Otherwise, the administration Cruise reserves the right to implement an unoccupied cabin.

Passengers may request a representative of the cruise company and ask for help. Help is late and backward passengers are not officially part of the responsibilities of the offices and agencies, but practice shows that, as a rule, passengers are assisted in full, helping them with money, organize the purchase of tickets, and even provide escorts if the route is very difficult. In the case of tracking, ticketing, etc. will have to pay all the costs of representation.
Rules out a return to the shore and on board

When leaving the ship must present their card-board, a security officer shall register it with the help of a special device connected to the computer port police. Then you can go ashore.

Upon returning to the ship must present their card-board and go through the metal detector.
Onboard card and pay on board

When you register you will be given on-board card, which is your ID card on board the ship pass, cabin key card and the calculations on the ship.

For your convenience, payment of any additional services performed on board the “cashless” scheme: all of your expenses will be recorded on your onboard account, which you pay to ship before landing on the last day of the cruise.

With on-board card can make purchases in stores on board, to purchase tickets for shore excursions in English, ordered drinks and cocktails in the bar, paying visits to a beauty salon, hairdresser, massage room, photographs, laundry and dry cleaning.

To open the credit you need to fill in a form where you specify how your expenses will pay: cash, debit or credit card, and a list of persons whose expenses you assume.

If you wish to pay your board by cash, then you need to make a deposit on the first day of the cruise on a ship at the front reception desk.

We recommend to pick up all the bills, resulting from the payment of the purchase or service, it helps to know clearly about all the spending, control, and use it as an appeal for possible misunderstandings.

Cash accepted on board only in casinos. At the reception desk can exchange currency. On board there are ATMs for cash withdrawals from credit cards.
Prices on board

Any ship at sea – a zone of free trade.

Prices in the shops, which are usually boutiques, lower than on the coast, the difference can range from tens of euros on simple products and up to several thousands on expensive watches or jewelry. The reason is that the ship – it is extra-territorial zone, that is, not belonging to any State, and therefore the majority of goods are not subject to taxation, existing on the beach.

For this reason, during a stop in the port shops on board are not working.

For security reasons, all guests of alcohol bought in stores on board, stored in a warehouse and will be delivered to the cabin at the end of the cruise.

Meals on board almost all cruise ships is organized as follows:
the main restaurant: breakfast and dinner – open shift power and dinner – in 2 shifts;
restaurant with buffet breakfast and dinner;
Alternative Restaurants: in most cases the tables for dinner must be reserved in advance (for a small extra charge);
snack: on many ships are provided round the clock snack (s) where you can snack at any time, in addition or instead of a standard meal;
midnight buffets (snacks, fruit, sweets, etc.);
24-hour service in the cabin, usually in the cabin is the menu, highlighting the standard free and paid an additional meal (for the delivery of any quantity of food in the cabin, you will add to the account of a small fee for service);
at your service all the bars.

Please remember that on most ships beverages (except water, tea and regular coffee) are not included in the cruise price.

Almost all restaurants smoke-free.
Clothes on a cruise

During the day, both on board and on shore during stops, it is recommended to wear clothes made of light fabrics and comfortable shoes. During the time the ship on the high seas may be somewhat cool. We recommend to bring a sweater or jacket.

Different cruise lines – its approach to the requirements of the wardrobe on the board. Some companies declare only democratic style stay on their ships, that is not put forward any demands at all; of luxury, on the contrary, according to the wishes of each event on each day of the cruise.

Passengers are usually warned about how to dress for certain activities to be undertaken on board:

Casual – fit is comfortable, casual dress, but T-shirts, jeans, bathing suits, tank tops and shorts are not allowed in the evening hours in restaurants and public places.

Informal – dress or welcome pantsuits for women and jackets for men (tie optional).

Formal – a festive evening ladies usually wear an evening dress, “the floor” or a cocktail dress, men – tuxedo or black suit (despite the fact that a black suit or tuxedo is recommended for formal nights, but also welcome a jacket and tie).

Depending on the route and duration of the cruise, on board is one to three evening events with a strict dress code. On many routes, themed evening at the carnival encouraged to bring costumes.
Captain’s Reception

Beautifully dressed and formally adopted at the captain’s reception, which happens only once per flight. This method arranges the captain for the participants of the cruise, and came at him, you will plunge into the atmosphere of the ball: the orchestra plays waltzes, beautifully dressed couples whirl, various competitions are held, can be photographed with the captain.

Evening dress, the dress can be rented directly on the ship.
Recreation and Entertainment

You can spend your time on the board as you like – an active or relaxing and sunbathing. Events are held on board the international animation team, and the passenger can take part in these programs at any time. Schedule of Events is a daily information sheet, which will be delivered to the cabin. This leaflet also contains information about the ship, port parking and cruising program.

Every night on board held the event – concert, cabaret, dance performances and other stage productions show, or any surprise.

You can go to a bar, where it plays a more quiet music (piano, sax), or participate in games at one of the rooms. Can a drink at the bar, look at the whirling couples in the ball room, and in good weather and by the dancing, right under the open sky.

In a nightclub, disco DJs offer a dance program throughout the night.
Guests on board

Reception on board the permitted number of cruise companies. When boarding the tourist guests will be required to show their documents, and you – to sign a special form, confirming that the person your guests. All expenses for the reception should be held by the passenger. Guests can not pay their credit card because it is not registered ship payment center and will not be admitted to the bar. An hour before departure, guests must leave it. Agree on such visits in advance with us when booking, or with the personnel on board.

Most cruise companies offer a range of gifts with the company logo.
Special cases in the sea

If you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, honeymoon or other special occasion during your cruise, we will be glad to help celebrate this event on board. Please consult with us about these cases at least four weeks prior to departure.
Medical Services

On each ship there is a therapist and a nurse, whose services are available round the clock during the voyage. Opening hours are published in the medical office daily leaflet ship. If you have a specific medical condition, please describe them when booking. Medical services are paid. The doctor will write a bill that on returning home will need to submit an insurance company for compensation.
The end of the cruise

First of all, tourists have to collect your luggage and not later than 4 o’clock in the morning to put it behind the cabin door, pre-glued on a luggage belt with stickers.

In the morning at the reception desk to close its on-board account. You are leaving the ship, went down to the shore, you get your luggage.



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