How to Prevent Boat Theft


Your boat is one of the most expensive assets. Insured or not, it will cause you is not very pleasant if it is stolen.

But the boat, because of their significance and, frequently, due to the negligence of their owners, can be such an attractive thing to steal. How can we prevent the boat from being stolen?

Protect your boat. It’s very simple. Never leave your boat unattended keys in the ignition – or even worse, at idle! Always lock your ignition switch. You can also install a remote circuit breaker.

If you leave your boat in the water, chain it to the dock.

If you want to keep a boat trailer on the road, park another vehicle in front of him, if possible. In addition, it is a good idea to remove at least one trailer tires. Close all curtains, do not leave valuables in the boat, and block all outboard motors and fuel tanks. Always use the hatch door.

Of course, it is best to store the boat in a closed garage. Even in this case, make sure your boat is secured with high security chain to an immovable object such as a large post.

Setting the alarm. If anyone dares to try to get away from your boat, good ear piercing alarm might just scare them away. If this happens, the system will still warn you and your neighbors that something was wrong.

Alarm systems need not be expensive. You need to be sure, however, that anxiety you get the right to use boats. Alarm is designed for drier environments can be damaged when exposed to marine elements and will defeat the purpose of purchasing one in the first place.

By the way, is not only alarms that must be installed to protect your boat. Often, it’s a good idea to install smoke alarms, as well as in the case of a fire.

Check your boat and all equipment therein. Use an engraver ever say your boat, trailer, electronics and other equipment with body identification number and license number of your driver. Your boat is very likely to have this brand anyway, but it is unlikely that the trailer and other equipment, too.

Make sure that the mark in obscure places. You do not want a thief can easily see and remove it.

Although these signs do not necessarily prevent your boat and other equipment from being stolen, they will help in the reconstruction and identification process that follows.

Do not forget to write down this number and the identification of the body to keep a copy of this record outside of your boat.

Also, take a picture of your boat and equipment. Do this on all sides. It will also help in the recovery process must occur theft.

Get proper insurance. Theft, of course, be much less of a headache and pain, if your boat is insured. While it is certainly best to avoid the boat was stolen in the first place, when all else fails, a good UK marine insurance may be your only consolation. It’s a small price for protecting one of the most valuable asset – and it should not cost arms and legs. Shop around and find the best deal for you.



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