5 Reasons why you should book a transatlantic crossing cruise


What is a cruise transatlantic crossing?

Transatlantic cruise intersection is re-positioning cruise ship. The ship often change routes (for example, the transition from summer trip cruises to the Mediterranean Sea on a route in the winter Caribbean).

My husband and I went on our first cruise transatlantic crossing in November 2010. Although we were very happy for many ports that we visit, we were a little skeptical about spending that many days on the ship.

Will we get bored? Are we going to get seasick crossing the ocean? If we’re going to want to end, we took the land vacation, huh?

We loved our cruise! We love it so much that we look to another for the following October. Here are five reasons why cruises are more fun!

For several days for the rest:

It was great to actually have time to just sit and do nothing!

Beach days hectic for us, we have only a short time in port, so we get up early to eat breakfast and make sure that we can get off the ship before the hordes of other passengers.

Often, the trans-Atlantic routes begin with a cluster shore days (depending on the direction in which direction you’re going across the Atlantic Ocean), after which the number of sea days in a row as you cross the ocean, and then a couple more ports on the other side.

Honestly, it took a couple of days the sea, before I really felt like I was in a mode of relaxation. If you have a couple of days at sea in a row, you need not feel guilty for sleeping (I know, I usually do on short cruises, because I feel that I am missing something.) Relax, you have a lot of time!

Time to enjoy all the activities:

If you have a couple of days at sea in a row, as a rule, do not worry about missing any action that you want to participate in. You’ll have time to do whatever you want to do and still have time to relax (see the first topic above).

If there are two events scheduled at the same time, there is a good chance that one of them will be repeated on a cruise for those who missed it.

In addition, a large segment of days in the middle allowed in more detail in its activity suggestions. For example, we took the class line dance our trans-Atlantic cruise, which met for 5 consecutive days. We took a similar class in ballroom dancing.

Taking classes that met once may reinforce what we learned and we will delve into the subject than a class that meets only once or twice (and we have star dancers at the end of the cruise lines!)

Time to meet people and relationships with our new family of ship:

It was a huge plus, and the benefit that I did not expect. When you are on the same ship for such a long period of time, it really gives you time to get to know people!

Of course, you always know your fellow dinner cruise (we’ve always preferred fixed dining times with the same people every day, although I know that at any time in the dining room is currently available on many cruise ships now and is very popular.)

In addition to familiarity with our fellow dinner, we learned a lot of other people around 16 days. He made the ship feel “home” when we face the people we knew and talked about what we did on the shore, and made plans for a later activity.

One of the reasons that we know so many people, because we took part in the cruise “roll” on http://www.cruisecritic.com

The roll-call, where you join an online forum for a specific date cruise and cruise ships. This is a great opportunity to learn some of the people, and perhaps, plan activities and meetups with it once you get on board.

We have planned a number of tours to the coast today with the people we met and had a great time. Planning for our shore excursions in advance to avoid possible over-excursion ship and gave us the best tour experience with fewer people. This meant that the difference between going on tour in two SUVs and a huge tour bus, and we paid less than half the cost!

For this reason, I strongly recommend to participate in http://www.cruisecritic.com in a roll call of your ship and get acquainted with some people!

Great deals and low cost per day:

There are often insane deals that I see on transatlantic cruises. Transatlantic cruise often have a much lower cost per day than shorter cruises.

One reason for this is that many people these days just can not have much time outside of work. The cost of tickets in one city, and from another city on another continent may be more expensive (but not always). People are also being intimidated on the ship for so long (just because I’m writing this article).

Since this type of cruise is usually done in re-positioning cruise, the ship and its crew all need to go, regardless of whether they have 200 passengers or 2000, so cruise lines are often willing to provide competitive rates to fill up the ship.

A mysterious ceremony, which takes place in the middle of the ocean:

No, seriously. I’m not kidding about this (and I did not know anything about this before we get there by boat.)

This ceremony is a maritime tradition, held every time a ship crosses the equator. At this time, all those who have never crossed before (pollywogs), initiated by those who had crossed the (shellbacks) at a ceremony with the participation of King Neptune and his royal court.

On the ship, at the ceremony were crazy, wild fun and I’ll never forget (it involved a lot of whipped cream and kisses the fish at the end).