BVI Bareboat Charters: The Dream Vacation

A little-known version of the holiday, which begins very popular catamaran yacht leasing spectacular British Virgin Islands (BVI) language. Yacht leasing in the British Virgin Islands for all those who love water sports, great views, or simply relax. Some issues to be discussed before embarking on the charter BVI yacht vacation dreams are the type of boats for rent, ideal route the British Virgin Islands, and the best time to visit the British Virgin Islands.

Types of Boats

BVI provides one of the best sailing destinations in the world. Bareboat charters will allow passengers to rent a sailing boat with no crew or provisions which are usually provided by a regular charter. Bareboat charters to meet the rich, independent sailor. BVI bareboat charters provide opportunities for sailors to experience life on a Caribbean catamaran or monohull vessels. Sailing catamaran has some notable advantages over its counterpart single-hull. BVI bareboat charters Authority offers the latest model in good condition, the court with lots of options depending on the expected number of passengers. Most of BVI catamaran yachts accommodate from 6 to 8 people. Cats are more stable, often faster and more flexible than single-hull vessels. When booking a catamaran yacht BVI, you will see that the location of places or sleeping rooms are on a more privacy than is available in single-hull vessel. It occurs most frequently in connection with the division of the double hull design catamaran vessel. The stability of a catamaran yacht offers ample opportunities for everyone to enjoy the ride by reducing the capacity of passengers became seasick on board.

Interesting route options

BVI Bareboat charters are perfect for short, a week, catamaran sailing trips. Services of a boat captain can be rented on the basis of each day for non-sailors who want to travel without the crowds of cruise ship. Charter BVI yacht offers the ability to customize your own unique coastal route. Scuba diving, snorkeling, hiking and sightseeing are a few key areas of activity an authentic recreation of yachts British Virgin Islands. Most of BVI bareboat charters have business relationships with local dive shops British Virgin Islands. Dive shops can provide rental scuba diving, snorkelling equipment, and the air exhilarating underwater excursions. The exotic nature trails abound in Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands. Yacht chartering a catamaran allows passengers to “dock” in a relatively shallow visit the beautiful, secluded parks. BVI Bareboat charters are ideal for flexible routes vacation, passengers have the freedom to choose when they go ashore in mind, to see and shop, which is simply not the case for large cruise ships.

Best time to visit the British Virgin Islands

When is the best time to book your yacht charter BVI? Months from September to November is probably the best time to visit the British Virgin Islands, because it is closer to the end of hurricane season. Nevertheless, some of them claim that “any time” is the best time to visit the British Virgin Islands! Season is important when booking BVI bareboat charters, prices are generally higher in winter months and lower during the summer months.