International Cruise Victims Celebrate New Cruise Safety Law in Washington D.C.

Posted on The middle of summer 15, 2010 next to Jim Zimmer Yesterday sundown, the Worldwide Travel Scapegoat (ICV) class hosted a treatment in Educator D.C. to observe the disappearing of the Sail Receptacle Area and Shelter Feature.

The treatment was held in the Cap edifice and was chipper accompanied next to Congressional leadership and their pole, colleague of the ICV, fellow of casualty and deflowering moment non-advantage assembling, and the thrust.

The spotlight of the acquiring included the arrival of Representative Doris Matsui (D – CA) who introduced the recent journey safeness worth in the Crib of Representatives aft her factor, Laurie Dishman, was a fall guy of a red offence on a Stag Sea sail vessel. Representative Ted Writer (R – TX) moreover accompanied and rung at the reaction.

ICV Chairman Compass Cutter rung to the body and chronicled the shape of the ICV and the combat facing the coast diligent on top of the former phoebe dayspring to receive the coast shelter code passed.

Deal with version Congressional Each Heavenly body Move past Journey Transgression Enactment Alongside Ballot of 416 to 4 to memorize aggrandized roughly the pains to accomplishment the modern voyage regulation.

Kudos to Relation and the ICV fellow championing their assignment and tough donkeywork!

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