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Star Clippers

Star Clippers Cruise Company was established in 1991 by Swedish entrepreneur Mikael Kraft, a passionate lover of yachts and clippers.

Sailing this extraordinary company of merchant ships are replicas of the mid-19th century. Equipped with the latest technology, clippers combine a modern set of services with the romance of long sea voyages.

The Yachts Of Seabourn

1987 (then called the Seabourn Cruise Line) Norwegian group of investors interested in building the fleet of ultra-luxury cruise liners, reminiscent of the mega-yachts. The result was the beginning of a new style of cruising: to ensure the highest standards of personal service exclusive group of passengers in unparalleled luxury.

1991 25% of the capital of the company was acquired by holding company Carnival Corp (today the company is wholly owned by the holding company).