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Cruise ship companies SilverSea Cruise

Welcome aboard!
Since its founding in 1994 SilverSea offers luxury and luxury travel. Striving for perfection, the company has earned a reputation as one of the best in the world. Its fleet consists of modern ships, which guarantee maximum space for each passenger. Of all the suites offer guests a view of the ocean. All cabins are luxuriously furnished and have everything you need for an ocean voyage. Most of them have verandas. Cuisine aboard the exquisite, the choice of wines and spirits is almost limitless, and the service impeccable.

Sea Dream Yacht Club

Cruise ships of Sea Dream Yacht Club
Founder Atl Bryunestad
The company has two offices in Oslo and Miami
Two identical super-luxury mega yachts SeaDream I and SeaDream II
Preferably 7-day Caribbean cruises in the Mediterranean
An ideal vacation for the discerning traveler

Sailboat “Royal Clipper”

Sailboat “Royal Clipper” – the largest and most high-speed passenger boat in the world, was built in 2000 in the image of the legendary predecessor – the sailboat “Preussen”, – plowed the sea in the early twentieth century. Since then, the world had no such magnificent sailing ship. And today, “Royal Clipper”, which is sometimes referred to as the “Queen of Queens” – the only five-masted sailing cruise ship. Going for all 42 sails with a total area of ??5040 m2, with a speed of 20 knots (! – This is the usual speed of most Megaliner!), “Royal Clipper” is a thrilling spectacle, as if embodying the childhood dream of adventures at sea …

“Star Clipper” and “Star Flyer”

“Star Clipper” and “Star Flyer” – elegant 4-masted sailing-twins, “fast as the wind, and graceful as swans’ more like expensive private yacht than cruise ships. Each of the ships sailing repeats of the XIX century. Finished wood interiors, a library in Edwardian style with a fireplace, antique prints and paintings of famous sailing ships, reminiscent of the glorious times of sailing. However, the traditions of the past coexist happily on these ships from the comfort inherent in the century XXI, and with the most modern navigation equipment. It’s modern ships for travelers who like to relax in comfort and appreciate the romance of the legendary era of sailing ships.

Cruise ships of Seabourn Cruise Line

Cruise line The Yachts of Seabourn was founded in 1987 (then called the Seabourn Cruise Line) Norwegian group of investors interested in building the fleet of ultra-luxury cruise liners, reminiscent of the mega-yachts. The result was the beginning of a new style of cruising: to ensure the highest standards of personal service exclusive group of passengers in unparalleled luxury.
In 1991 25% of the capital of the company was acquired by holding company Carnival Corporation (now the company is wholly owned by the holding company).