Daily Archives: March 9, 2012

Costa Concordia and cruise ship’s boat drill law


People who work on the cruise ship know how important boat drills are for the safety.
Boat drills for passengers are a must-do within 24 hours of departure of the ship by international law. The cruise line I work for chooses to perform a boat drill for passengers before departure, like many other cruise lines. The boat drill in general is a simulation of the emergency onboard the ship. It prepares passengers to be aware of the escape routes and the location of their emergency station, where the boats are. All the ships are different; sometimes the lifejackets are situated in the cabins, sometimes on the deck where the boats are. Crew has a boat drill every week, or once in 10 days, which is obligatory to attend. Also every crew member has many safety trainings and is not allowed onboard without necessary certificates. We are tough about safety on the ship and emergencies that can happen and panic us have to avoid. We all are part of the evacuation teams, whose main task is to help passengers to find their way out and be safe.