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Features food on board the cruise liner

Cruise ship chef traditionally erected cooking process to an art form. During the cruise of 8 days is used more than 3,500 different ingredients for cooking all sorts of culinary delights. In addition to the main restaurants on board, and a service which is included in the cruise price, for a small surcharge tourists on board can take part in a very exciting gastronomic events – club-type restaurant a la carte.

On a cruise ship Quantum of the Seas tourists in the bar will serve a robot

Cruise company Royal Caribbean International has introduced a unique technology and know-how that will be applied aboard technologically advanced ship Quantum of the Seas, told infogroup “TURPROM” in the press service of the cruise company.

“Cruise travel imbued with the spirit of romance, as in the past, but they evolve with the times – said Richard D. Fain, chairman and CEO Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. – We strive to use the most advanced technologies and introduce them to our ships to our guests’ has become even more attractive and comfortable. “

River cruises are in demand in the travel market

It is said that who ever breathed the fresh breeze from the river motor ship deck , will not forget this ever. Experts suggest river cruises – one of the most stable segment of the modern tourism market . Even the recent economic crisis has had little impact on the change in demand .
Today, the Russian rivers runs 121 boat . Of the 400,000 passengers for river navigation accounted for one-fifth of foreigners , and the rest – our countrymen. For many years, the most popular are cruises on the Volga , Volga- Baltic Waterway and the route “Moscow – Saint – Petersburg” .

Top 10 largest cruise ships

On a cruise on the warm seas, I think everyone dreams of, but do you know the biggest cruise ships? The biggest ships we have examined, as well as the biggest sailing ships, now it is the turn of cruise liners.

30 Questions and Answers about the cruises (Part 1)

1. Pitching

We booked a cruise, and now doubt, and that if the ship will be much rock?- Our ships are classified as modern cruise ships are equipped with the most advanced technologies designed to keep the ship in a stable position even in the storm.

These devices include special screws installed across the keel. When tilting the vessel screws begin to spin, returning a ship in flat position. Our customers tell us that the six-point storm (and a wave height of three stories, house), wine by the glass is not swayed, and went to the theater presentation juggling knives! We guarantee that the probability of rolling on our vessels is extremely small.