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«Princess Cruises»

Indeed, a Princess cruise ship (the Island Princess) was used for the popular TV series “The Love Boat” and the cruise line still benefits from that image among the older folks which are the majority of the cruise ship passengers. What began as the little cruise line that could – operating one small luxury liner between Los Angeles and the Mexican Riviera in 1965 (and later Alaska) – has evolved into a cruise industry giant. Princess Cruises has 14 ships sailing the globe on more than 150 itineraries that range from seven to 72 days and visit some 260 ports. 

MCS Cruises


This sense of travel, you will realize as soon go on a cruise with MSC.

To help relax and rejuvenate, entertain, open charm of this cruise – it is the mission of our wonderful staff who will be always at your disposal to make you feel until the end of the luxury travel with MSC.

Is important to us, even the most minor detail, so our service – perfect and is woven out of courtesy, sympathy and restraint.

Cruise ship company Costa Cruises Costa Atlantika

Costa Atlantica is devoted to the work of the great Italian film director Federico Fellini, and every deck of this ship is named after one of his films. At an altitude of 20-storey building, and only slightly less than 300 meters in length, as well as their surface area, this ship is 20 times larger than the Olympic stadium in Rome.

Cruise ship company Costa Cruises Costa Fortuna

Costa Fortuna – a monument to luxury, Italian transatlantic liners of the past, which sailed between Italy and America. The ship gently revives the memory of this great era, pays tribute to its elegance and masculinity. You can see this on the example of the central hall, where the image of the Great liners of the past. And each deck of the ship, its bars, restaurants, recreational places remind us of the great ships and the people who led them at one time, have committed what we call the Great Geographical Discoveries – Christopher Columbus, Vasco da Gama, Amerigo Vespucci, Magellan, Fernando .

Cruise ship company Costa Cruises Costa Allegra

The liner Costa Allegra has a sparkling modern architecture. Huge windows overlooking the sea give airliner nicknamed “crystal ship”. They are ideal for monitoring the stunning views that open out in the cold during the cruise.
Lush and colorful interior is characterized by vivid colors and rich decor, bright and sophisticated, which inspired the creation of such great artists as Gauguin, Degas and Modigliani. This is a charming liner fills with energy for a dynamic and memorable vacation.